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Oct 21, 2008 10:38 AM

Ludlow, VT

Spent last week in Southern Vermont. We(my wife & I) have been taking this trip in October for 6 years. The best restaurant we ate at was "DJs in Ludlow. Big portions, fair prices and very good quality. The blackened Salmon was especially excellent, served medium with spicey crust. The duck was very tastey, served with bing cherry sauce. We shared a strwbrry sundae for dessert and it was great.
A new restaurant Bella Luna was a delight. The Italian food was great though I would stay away from the other food on the menu.
Lunch was particularly good at The Pot Belly: burgers & sandwiches...great fries.
Now the bad news: Some of the restaurants we normally eat at were not as good as in past years. Most notably: The Garden in Londonderry. We used to love the middle eastern rice dish(no longer available) and the menu was narrow with few choices. Also Panarella's in Ludlow was disappointing. We felt like we were being rushed. Waiter took the drink & dinner order together. We received the appetizer before the drinks. We did think the food was good. Chicken Marsala was rich & a large portion.

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  1. Thanks for your post!
    We agree that DJ's is the best restaurant in the area and we've only had lunch at Pot Belly's a few times and we found them very good for lunch as well.
    You're right about Pot Belly's burgers also;we'll have to try their fries the next time we ski up there.
    Thanks again!
    Appreciative Catnip

    1. P.S-If you're over in Bridgewater area try the Corners Inn.
      Chef Brad is one of the best chefs in the area and his meals,especially steak dishes,are outstanding also.
      My wife sticks with his specials and she loves his vegetarian dishes as well.

      1. DJ's is our go to as well. Nothing fancy, but we are always pleased. For a quick lunch, I also reccomend Java Baba's for good sanwiches, coffee, baked goods.