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best dishes with BACON in manhattan?

i love bacon. and i'm a non-meat eater , mostly (ok, so i lied about that part).
Where are all the best bacon dishes in the city? restaurants that serve a variety of bacon yumminess? pls do tell your favorites!

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  1. I had the most delicious scallop and pork belly dish at Brasserie back in April. Im not sure if it's still the menu, but it was absolutely delicous! Sweet and salty and rich and creamy all in one shot.

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      That dish was created by the old chef Franklin Becker. It is incredible. It is no longer available at the Brasserie to the best of my knowledge. The bacon grits he did at Sheridan Square were also incredible and he did a pork belly ravioli that rocked.

    2. There are too many great bacon dishes so I am sure I am missing a lot (and will add to the thread as I remember.)

      Right of the bet I immediately think of all the bacon dishes (or hidden bacon flavor) at Craft. The dishes that explicitly said bacon are great, but most of the vegetables and mushroom dishes are braised or cooked in bacon fat, so bacon serves as the unsung hero (and great for non-meat eater who love bacon ;D)

      I normally don't like bacon pairing with seafood as I found that most of the time the delicate sweetness and freshness of the seafood is overpowered by the bacon taste. However, I really like the pork belly and oyster dish in bacon dashi at Momofuku Ko. The dashi really got to me! I know this dish already had a few versions but as long as the bacon dashi is there I can't see how it can be bad.

      Of course there is always these bacon wrapped dates at any tapa bars.

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        Oh, just saw billyeats about bacon at breakfast, and Cookshp makes amazing bacon with their eggs.

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          ooh! You are right. The bacon wrapped dates at Sala One-Nine are to die for!

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            Good call, kobetobiko, I completely forgot the bacon wrapped dates (I also love bacon wrapped olives and chestnuts) at tapas bars around town.

          2. Have you heard about the Chocolate Bread Pudding w/ Bacon Creme Anglaise from the Dessert Truck? I have not yet had it, but people tell me it's quite amazing. For a more standard version, I had delicious bacon recently with breakfast at Cafe Cluny. Very high quality. Another thought...Pancetta, italian bacon, is in bolognese. I like the version at DaAndrea. Some say Babbo makes the best.

            1. Bacon/Cheddar/Sage Scone at Bouchon Bakery. It seriously rocks!

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                Oh my! -must try these (says another bacon lover & non-meat eater...who knew there are others like me out there!)

              2. I just had an amazing piece of face bacon at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

                There is the pure bacon deliciousness that is the strips of bacon at Lugers, Ben and Jacks and Benjamins.

                Similar to bacon, I love the guanciale pizza at Otto and also their spaghetti carbonara.

                1. Roasted crispy bacon appetizer at Craft
                  Bacon, cheddar, scallion scones at Clinton Street Baking Company or their breakfast sandwich with eggs, bacon, tomato jam, on a housemade biscuit
                  Kimchi apples with Burgers jowl at Momofuku Ssam
                  Cookshop's house-made, double-smoked, Berkshire pork bacon -- NOT the kind you order as a side, I think it only comes as part of the skillet eggs at brunch
                  Scallops with bacon, kalamansi and sake at the Kuma Inn
                  Bacon truffle at Vosges (limited edition, NOT THE CHOCOLATE BAR)
                  Shopsin's scrambled eggs and bacon pancakes (add maple syrup AND hot sauce)
                  Bacon wrapped, deep fried hot dogs at Crif Dogs
                  Bacon waffles (thick cut bacon) at Good Enough to Eat
                  Devils on horseback at Freemans or Spotted Pig
                  Bacon and onion bread at Blue Ribbon Bakery
                  Bacon (side dish during brunch) at Balthazar or Morandi (Morandi has boar bacon)
                  Bacon house roll at Allen & Delancey (part of their bread service)
                  Double-cooked fresh bacon at Grand Sichuan or Szechuan Gourmet

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                    Good call with Crif Dogs, totally forgot about that. I'd add the David Chang Dog from PDT, assuming it is still on the menu.

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                      Personally, I don't think the kimchee adds much to the Chang Dog. I much prefer a regular bacon hot dog, but maybe the Spicy Redneck.

                  2. Bacon Peanut Brittle @ The Redhead. I was hesitant but it is pretty tasty.

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                      I found it not bacony enough

                      1. Bacon slab at Wolfgang, or Mark Joseph

                        1. Spaghetti carbonara at Lupa or Roberto Passon.

                          1. Definitely the Crispy Bacon appetizer at Craft. Also the corn and bacon risotto if on the menu is truly incredible there also.

                            Clinton Street Bakery also has awesome sugar cured bacon which is delicious with the pancakes as a complement- both sweet and salty!

                            I also really like the creamed spinach at Del Frisco's and Porter House New York because they add in chunky generous bites of bacon!

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                              hah, steak, i thought of you as soon as i saw the title of this thread, and knew you'd mention the bacon app at Craft. i'm surprised you weren't the one to say Luger, though!

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                                Peter Luger DOES HAVE THE BEST BACON but the OP said Manhattan so I didn't include them hehe.

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                                  Obviously, the only correct answer to the OP was "Luger bacon brought back over the bridge."

                            2. Asianbun, I don't know if you'll like this dish if you're not a big meat eater (since we all know that bacon is actually a healthy vegetable ;) -- but this one on Ouest's very recently updated seasonal menu is phenomenal:

                              Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Grilled Pork Belly, Braised Celery, & Sauce Soubise

                              It's one of the most perfect, cold weather dishes I've had in a while.

                              1. 2 that come to mind:

                                Carbonara at Crispo for sure
                                Bacon wrapped shrimp dim sum at Jing Fong

                                1. Char No. 4 has better bacon than Peter Luger. I tried both in the same week, I kid you not.

                                  1. Crif Dogs for sure, but even better: The Bistro burger at The Corner Bistro not only has the best burger in Manhattan, but the bacon is cooked to perfection every time. The Cavatelli pasta ( fresh ricotta cheese, bacon, arugula, pepperoncino) at Giorgione is also pretty amazing. The pasta has a bit of a smokey flavor to it, but it's light and not overpowering at all.

                                    Corner Bistro
                                    331 W 4th St, New York, NY 10014

                                    508 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013

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                                      I have to disagree with both Crif Dogs and Corner Bistro, especially the latter, which is nowhere near the best burger in NYC, imo.

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                                        I haven't been to the Corner Bistro in a couple of years, but I do recall their bacon being particularly tasty. However, if you ever sat at the bar, you would have found out why; they deep fried it - may still do it as far as I know.

                                      2. while not technically bacon... .the suckling pig at Eleven Madison is unreal..it is really the best pork dish I have had....

                                        1. The barbecue bacon chunks at Rub are insane. Deep fried bacon...hmmmm. And I'm not sure it's technically bacon, but Kasadela, a sort of Asian-fusion tapas place on 11th by C, serves pork belly skewers--peppered if I'm remembering correctly.

                                          1. Order the bacon at Luger (or Wolfgang's) and the jumbo lump meat crab cocktail. Cut a piece of the bacon and eat with the crab. It's a wonderful combination of salty, sweet, hot and cold.

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                                              bacon at wolfgang, and Mark joseph arre both good. Fig wrapped in bacon at Degustation is good.

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                                                Bacon wrapped dates at pipa!!! I'm going to Degustation in a month. I can't wait!

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                                                  Degustation also serves a stunning pork belly dish.

                                            2. Crumbled bacon is literally schmeared like peanut butter, before getting suffocated with cheese, atop the burger at Marc Forgione. Fantastic.


                                              1. Salumeria Rosi serves a pork belly dish that is an absolute KNOCKOUT!


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                                                  I had a great salad at Nougatine with honeydew melon, mint, and lardon.