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Oct 21, 2008 10:09 AM

NY: In search of a REAL Israeli Grill...

Hey all. So I'm an Israeli-American in search of the real deal :)

I'm looking for an Israeli grill ANYWHERE in the boroughs that will offer me the staples I'm used to:

1. A *wide* selection of grilled meats, especially grilled chicken hearts, etc.
2. Strong and authentic seasoning
3. A vast salad bar for stuffing into your pita and falafel!
4. Whole grilled fish like tilapia or snapper
5. Spicy shakshouka would be great as well

I'm basically fed up with the offerings in Manhattan- most places cut out at hummus and falafel, and the grilled meats lack the flavor I'm used to. I've seen some places on chow in the outer boroughs that look promising, but still fall a little short in the offerings- for example, too narrow a meat selection and not enough salads. For those of you who have been to Israel and any number of stalls in the malls and streets, you know what I'm talking about- seven kinds of eggplant, thirty-three types of carrots, etc. etc. :) And many, many, types of skewers to choose from.

If anyone can lend me some insight into a truly authentic Israeli joint, I'd be forever indebted!!


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  1. try Grillpoint on Main Street in Kew Garden Hills Queens for #'s 1-3 qnd #5

    don't think they do fish

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      I have heard that there are always lines of Israelis waiting to get in to HaPisgah on Union Turnpike in Kew Gardens Hills and I think they have at least some of what you are looking for, but in truth, I was only there once years ago, and I don't remember it all that well. Maybe other Chowhounders can either verify it as a place that meets your needs or tell me that I'm way off!

      1. re: queenscook

        Hapisgah doesn't offer a salad bar

        1. re: queenscook

          I really love PITA HOT on Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills, even though others on this board didn't share my enthusiasm. I LOVE the salad bar there (which is unlimited, including fried eggplant!), and all of the condiments... amba (or whatever it's called), the hot green charif, etc.

          So far we have no fewer than THREE recommendations for places in the Kew Gardens Hills area, so you may want to explore that part of the city.

      2. ali baba on the uws, but no fish.