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Oct 21, 2008 09:44 AM

Kambi Ramen House

I went last week to this brand-new ramen place (14st St and 1st Ave) by the owners of Minca. We had the pork broth and the spicy miso ramen. Now I have a great affection for hearty pork-based broth - my fave is Santoka over at Mitsuwa, followed by Ippudo - but I felt that Kambi's version was a little off. It was definitely thick and porky but had an earthy, almost bitter aftertaste that I didn't like. The spicy miso had the same aftertaste, though I admit I like it better than Ippudo's oversweet version.

However, at an average of $9/bowl, melt-in-your-mouth pork and surprisingly good noodles, I guess I wouldn't mind coming back if there's a wait at Ippudo.

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  1. That burnt after taste is fried garlic.

    1. service was pretty bad, food took a long time, waitress switched orders, still working out the kinks

      noodles were good though

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      1. re: Whatsgood

        Glad i saw these posts, I was going to try kambi, but i think i will stick with Ippudo. Mitsuwa is always fun to go to , but there i get the fried pork and the ice cream and of course the amazing japanese pastries

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          Well I tried Kambi. Has a Setagaya vibe to it. I'll stick with Ippudo, To my taste worlds apart

      2. Went there for dinner and ordered their basic spicy pork ramen with thin noodles. The broth and meat and toppings were all pretty good but the noodles themselves were disappointing. And at over $10 a bowl I can do better at home, even if I won't bother to heat the meat with a blowtorch like they did.