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Oct 21, 2008 09:27 AM

Beretta alternatives, for a group of 8

A group of friends is coming in from out of town (different places) and I need to find a place for 8 of us to have dinner on a Saturday in 2 weeks. Someplace fun and reasonably priced.

To give you a sense of what I am looking for, I had wanted us to go to Beretta, but they are booked for large parties that night. The combo of pizza and cocktails would have worked well. We're probably not going for a traditional 3 course meal. A16 was also thrown out as a suggestion but they don't take parties larger than 6 on fridays or saturdays.

With 8 people we don't want to go someplace without a reservation. Ideally something like Beretta or A16 or perhaps tapas. (Several of the people have lived in Spain, so their tapas standards are high). We do want to eat dinner and not just get snacks.

Any ideas or help appreciated as I am on the hook for finding us a location.

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  1. How about:
    Lolo (anyone know if they can do a table of 8?)
    Bar Bambino (can definitely do a table of 8, in a very pretty semi-enclosed room in back overlooking a patio)

    Tapas in SF is not great. There are a couple of places in the Mission that serve it, but I would not recommend any of them.

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      I recently went to Lolo's as a group of 8 with reservations. It was a blast and perfect for a casual, fun gathering with friends. It's very close to Beretta (if you want to stay in the hood).

      We were seated in the front room and pretty much had the whole room to ourselves besides a 4-top table (it's a small room). It was easy to talk and easy to share dishes (tapas and larger plates with a twist - not like Spanish tapas!). Really well priced food and drinks.

      I would say the atmosphere isn't as great as Beretta or A16, depending on what you're looking for.

      3234 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94110

      1. re: carfeng

        I <3 Lolo's and think you will to if you're more into the people you're with than the scene. Do NOT miss the shrimp tacos, the duck confit or the cheesecake.