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Oct 21, 2008 08:48 AM

Healthy Meal near MSG

Hi All - does anyone have any good recommendations for a healthy yet tasty meal near or around MSG/Herald Square? THANKS

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  1. Assuming you're not asking about a nice, sit down meal...

    Health King
    526 7th ave (btwn 38th & 39th st)
    Just Salad
    134 west 37th street (@ broadway)

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    1. re: italianagambino

      well, yes, we were looking for a restaurant...i know the MSG/Herald Sq. area is a no-man's land for restaurants other than Korea town...but fear Korean town may not be a healthy option...does anyone disagree?

      1. re: redygirlnyc

        Yes, I would have to say I disagree about K-town not being healthy. What does healthy mean to you -- low fat, gluten-free, lots of vegetables? Because Korean food is a lot more than BBQ.

    2. why not go to uncle nick's (greek) 29th and 8th... you could order a nice greek salad, grilled fish and veggies

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      1. re: kesues

        There's an Uncle NIck's at 29th and 8th?

        I'm pretty sure there's a Pump nearby. I used to hit the Soup Spot on 31st or Hale & Hearty on 7th for a healthy meal in winter.

      2. Not sure how far a walk is OK, but Better Burger, on 10th I think around 43rd? Air baked fries, various types of burgers. Have not had a chance to try it myself, I've been meaning to try it out, but there are quite a few nice options on the menu....
        There is also a Pump Energy Food on 38th, b/w 6th and Bway, if you want to be extremely healthy. Their food isn't as scrumptious as some semi-healthy food, but you will definitely feel like a better person after eating it!! Super health conscious place with lots of options.