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Oct 21, 2008 08:41 AM

Restaurants in New Hope

We'll be walking around New Hope this Saturday with my son & daughter-in-law and their 3 kids, ages 7 to 13. Would like a recommendation for a good restaurant for dinner.

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  1. Zoubi's is excellent. Indoor area is small...probably should make a reservation

    1. How about Mexican? After your visit to New Hope, just walk across the bridge to Lambertville (5-10 minutes) and go to Buho's, a fairly new restaurant at 13 Kline's Court. I don't think they have a web site yet but here's a recent review:

      Wherever you decide to go, I strongly suggest you make a reservation or arrive early. Restaurants on both sides of the river can be very busy on a Saturday night.

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        Ate at Buho's for the first time two Saturday's ago. GREAT food, horrndous service...and it wasn't even full.

      2. I really, really hate to be negative, but I really don't like most of the restaurants in New Hope. Most are overpriced with mediocre food and service. There are a couple of casual places I go for lunch once in a while, but not dinner. I think Triumph Brewery is ok, mostly because I like their beer, and their food is not bad, albeit a little pricey.

        I haven't eaten at Buho's yet (the prices turn me off and I can get good Mexican food for much cheaper) but I agree with ambrose about walking over to Lambertville. How about Bell's Tavern? It's a little bit of a walk down Union Street but it's a good family place. It's mainly Italian. Hamilton's Grill Room is slightly more upscale and I have never had a bad meal there. I have also enjoyed my meals at Lilly's on the Canal.

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          That being said, there ARE a couple of worthy spots in New Hope, I just don't think they are what you're looking for. Tastebuds is good but it's a tiny BYO and not for kids. I have had several good meals at Marsha Brown, but it is so expensive! I like LuLu's for lunch.

          1. re: sadiefox

            We had 2 poor meals at Marsha Brown. It is a steakhouse and they overcooked my steak both times.

            1. re: crazyspice

              hmm, that's too bad. I agree that MB is totally overrated, but like I said, I have eaten there 3 times and the steaks were cooked properly. The first time was for hubby's b-day, and the second 2 times were because we had $100 gift cards! But I think we still shelled out $100. You get much better meals somewhere else, for a lot less.

        2. I have to agree with Sadiefox. DH and I were there a week ago and we had a horrible experience at 2 different places. The whole restaurant scene has really gone down hill in New Hope. We are planning to cross over to Lambertville next time we go up. We are all set with NH.

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          1. re: crazyspice

            I think there are some good observations about New Hope in these posts. My wife and I have always enjoyed New Hope for lunch (Triumph, Mother's, Landing, Mansion, Karla's, Havana, Martine's) yet some of these places are not where I would choose to go for dinner. Thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious to me -- New Hope is ok for lunch but Lambertville for dinner or lunch. And, thanks for the heads-up on Marsha Brown's. We were thinking of giving it a try for dinner.

            1. re: jfr

              We have been going to Karla's for years and after having such poor service there over a week ago, we are totally turned off. At this point, we will gladly cross the bridge for both lunch and dinner.

              1. re: jfr

                Very often that's the problem with a "tourist" kind of place, and foodies like myself hate feeling ripped off for a mediocre meal. I work in Lambertville and live in the area, so I frequent many places for lunch but not dinner. A mediocre lunch once in a while is not the worst thing in the world, especially when you are getting out of the office on a nice sunny day!

                Another little hint: when visiting New Hope, if the weather is good, it's often cheaper and easier to park in L-ville and walk across the bridge :)

            2. There's a good place in Lambertville...think it's called Inn of the Hawk

              74 South Union Street, 609-397-9555

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              1. re: CPaul

                Thanks CPaul, I completely forgot about Inn of the Hawke. Not sure how that's possible, since I frequent there for lunch. I've never eaten there for dinner, but their lunch and pub menu is very good. Good burgers and fresh-made potato chips.

                1. re: CPaul

                  Another possibility is Moustache, which is across from the Inn of the Hawk.