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Oct 21, 2008 08:16 AM

"football food" in brooklyn?

i'm meeting up w/ some old friends to watch football this sunday in carroll gardens. are there any bars for watching the games w/ good food and tv set ups? i went to PJ Hanley's a few weeks ago but wasn't thrilled w/ their dated projection screens, and Downtown Bar & Grill is super expensive (yet very tasty) w/ small tv's. any reco's would be appreciated, including restaurants that will deliver wings + etc.

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  1. O'Keefe's on Court has upgraded their tv's from the old, small non high-def variety. Decent bar food. Only downside is they are lacking in one big screen tv to watch whatever main game is on.

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    1. re: jdf

      sounds promising.... court and what?

      ordering jake's bbq and watching in the apt is looking like a solid option at this point...

      1. re: the_state

        Brooklyn Heights side, near Joralemon. Trying to keep it as local as possible, since I can't think of anything in CG other than PJ Hanley's either, and I agree with you about Downtown.

    2. 200 Fifth Avenue is wild, but the food is decent for Sunday Afternoon and there are a lot of TVs... Get there early for a good table.

      1. I admittedly haven't been in a few years, but what about Cousins II on Court (and about Bergen)?

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          HM -

          Cousins II, which used to be on Amity & Court, is no longer and is now Downtown Bar & Grill.

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              isn't there another bar nearby, called the alehouse or something? on court st. do they serve food?

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                Here's what I've done a few times and might do again this Sunday: Get to Floyds on Atlantic before the game, grab the seats in front of the big screen (not too many seats), order food from Waterfront Ale House a few stores down the block, run out during commercial/half time to get food, eat delicious pulled pork and other goodies washed down with quality beer. Of coure, you can order food from wherever you please, the point being that Floyds lets you bring it in, has good tap selection and a big screen.

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                  If you’re thinking of Cody’s - about 50 ft from where Cousin’s used to be on Court -then I’d still take abu applesauce’s (great tag BTW) recommendation.

                  Cody’s plus is that they have multiple TVs and games on throughout the bar and they usually have a good lively football crowd on Sundays. However, IMO their beer selection is OK, Waterfront, Brazen Head and Chip Shop have better offerings, and their food is mediocre at best compared to the other bars and/or restaurants in the area.

            2. What exactly is 'football food'? I bet it is not fish, to answer the old myth.

              1. 200 Fifth Avenue
                massive amount of TV screens
                generous brunch portions
                great burgers, wings etc
                over 40 beers on tap
                lots of people watching the games. get there early.