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Oct 21, 2008 07:48 AM


So i just wanted to post about my meal last night. We went to Stella last night to celebrate out anniversary. We did the tasting and shared the wine tasting. everything was AMAZING. i t hink it was the best meal we have had. My fiance is a foodie. It was 7 courses and everyone was incredible. The squash soup and risotto were my favorites. everythng was GREAT! and they brought us out the french toast dessert. That was unbeliveable. Just wanted to pass along my great experience. :)

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  1. Good to hear! We had an equally wonderful dinner for my birthday.

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      Glad to read both of your comments. We have reservations for Christmas Eve and some of the reviews had me second guessing my choice.

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        I have had three meals that were nothing short of extraordinary, from the amuse bouche to the service.

    2. Happy Anniversary! Mine was 10/20 as well -- here's our evening:

      Jason ;^)

      1. Thanks for the report. That was similar to my experience at Stella! and I'm glad to have a bit of support. This is especially true as some very respected posters and CH's have had differing views. I do not fault their impressions, as I believe that all reported the events exactly as they experienced them. They had poor performances and many levels, and everything was hitting perfectly on my visit.

        I guess that it appears that even a good/great restaurant can have a bad night OTOH, a great restaurant should not have as many "off nights," as the wealth of other posters might indicate.

        I plan to be able to get back to give them another go. My hope is that they will be doing their best that night too, as we had a wonderful experience and would enjoy having another one.

        My post:


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          Bill, thank you for adding your comments plus the link to your review. I am now even more comfortable with our choice.


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            Here is my hope that you have an experience similar to ours. When they are on, they seem to be really "on." Still, other respected posters have not been as fortunate. Please report back and my fingers are all X'ed.


        2. My wife and I went to Stella for our 25th anniversary and it was nothing short of spectacular. The food and service were perfect. For my $, it is the best restaurant in New Orleans.

          1. I dined there about a month ago and thought it was magnificent. The food, the service and the wine. YUM!