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Oct 21, 2008 07:46 AM

Taos restaurants

Searching for new-ish Taos restaurants not serving Mexican or New Mexican cuisine. Do know about the old stand-bys: Joseph's Table, Doc Martins, Trading Post, Apple Tree, De la Terra, Lambert's, etc.

Especially looking for reviews of El Meze, Sabroso, Graham's Grill, Chef Damon's. Anyone eaten at these places recently?

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  1. We were in Taos in late August and had two great meals at Grahams Grill, Dinner, and right back for Lunch the next day. Highly recommended for quality original food, well prepared . At least as good and more original cooking as at Joseph's Table, which we sampled on the same trip.

    It sounds like you intend to, but stay away from Apple Tree and Doc Martin's.