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Oct 21, 2008 07:34 AM

The Fish Lady looking to go year-round

I was talking with Cyndi the Fish Lady at the Brookline farmer's market last week and she said she's in negotiations to set up a year-round presence in the Coolidge Corner area. She couldn't say exactly where yet as the deal is not done.

It would not be her own place, but a temporary (once a week?) stand in an existing store of some kind, so that she can continue her business after the market season ends. Fingers crossed that this comes through!

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  1. Boy, I'm thinking Bazaar or one of the Indian groceries. Neither carry fresh fish, so no competition....

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    1. re: galleygirl

      Bazaar is too crowded. Trader Joe's has the space but corporate probably wouldn't allow it since they sell frozen fish. Michael's Deli maybe? Though that's pretty tight for space as well.

      I suspect that legally whatever space she chooses has to have some kind of food vending license already, which limits the options.

    2. Just talked to her again - it's looking doubtful, prices in the area are so high. She was also considering doing a home delivery service, but with the price of gas what it is that could be hard to make profitable. If you're on her e-mail list she'll let you know what happens.

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        BobB, do you have a link so that I can get on her list?

        1. re: steinpilz

          Send her an e-mail at

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          Maybe she should talk to the New Amsterdam Project about delivery services.

          1. re: Baiye

            I had thought about suggesting that she work with an existing food delivery service. I don't use one myself so I don't know who to recommend. But that would bring up other issues, like:

            1) Would they have the space to carry a lot of styrofoam containers?
            2) You can leave a box of produce in someone's foyer until they get home from work, but that's not a good idea for fresh fish. Maybe a meat delivery service could deal with that?
            3) If someone else handles both the fishing and the delivery, what's the value-added proposition for Cyndi herself?

        3. There are also fish ladies at the Lexington and Arlington Market. They will have their fish at Busa Farms in Lexington on Tuesdays beginning Nov 4 all winter. I believe they buy from the same place. Know it is a haul but you can't beat it!