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Oct 21, 2008 07:13 AM

Nice time in Asheville

After looking at various posts on restaurants in Asheville, my wife and I decided on Fig for an anniversary dinner Friday night. It was wonderful. We split the chicken liver pate starter (a special) that was very tasty and creamy. The entrees were a duck breast and a beef tenderloin. The steak was the best filet I have ever tasted. Lots of flavor, it had to have been dry aged a while. Our server was spot on and recommended a nice bottle of French red for $45. The only glitch was a long wait between appetizer and entree.

We also had lunch at Early Girl. $10 for a meat and two, I had the meatloaf and my wife had the lamb shank. Very good. Breakfast at Tupelo Honey was wonderful as always. We had the mandatory 40 minute wait but it was worth it. It's always funny to stand outside the Tupelo, see people go in and be told it's a wait for a table and then see them walk off in a huff. Just can't wait that long. Chill people, you are on vacation, relax.

Thanks for the recs.

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  1. glad you had a great trip. I like Fig alot, and early girl, too. Have to say, though, that just because somebody doesn't want to wait 40 minutes doesn't mean they're in a "huff", and not everybody in Asheville is on vacaiton.

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      You are correct, not every one is on vacation. These people definitely were turistas.

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        As a native who started going to Tupelo Honey when they first opened, I've always been impressed with them. When they first opened I used to go pretty often for lunch but any more they are too busy for many locals if there is a wait. Kudos to them though, they do their thing very well.

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          This thread is so timely. We went to TH once , years ago, and thought it was good...but nothing special. It gets such great reviews here, we decided to give it another try 2 Saturdays ago at lunchtime. 45 minute wait? No can do. But, I promise I didn't huff ;-)

          What do y'all think I should order when we finally do try it again? i want to make sure i get their best offering if I'm going to revise my opinion. Asheville is so full of good breakfast places, it's hard to wait that long when you could drive over to Sunny Point in less time.

          1. re: danna

            Try the Sweet Potatoe pancakes, grits with goat cheese, fried green tonatoes, grit cakes with a nice hot sauce (sirachi?), biscuits with honey on I'm hungry!

      2. The last couple of times i've been to Tupelo, it's been without a wait - 11:30 lunch on a Friday was the last time i went, and we got right in. Just don't go at peak times (i.e. weekends)