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Oct 21, 2008 06:47 AM

comfortable rest in Bay Ridge

Im looking for a roomy and comfortable restaurant in Bay Ridge for Saturady night.We dont want to have a wait because I'll be with people who arent very mobile. American cuisine or Italian would be preferable.
Id appreciate any help.Thanks

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  1. Cebu might work for you. The food, which I think could be described as American bistro style, was good when I was there a couple years ago, and the dining room is comfortable.

    1. mary
      You might like New Corner on 8th Ave and 72nd St. Very comfortable, plenty of room between tables. Large and varied Italian/American menu offferings, nightly specials, reasonable prices, etc.
      If you don't want to risk having to wait for a table , especially on a weekend, I'd strongly suggest that you call and make a reservation. Here's a link to their site.

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      1. re: Tay

        Ponte Vecchio on 89th & 4th. Expensive but not pretentious and the food is excellent. I doubt there is a wait and there is valet parking. Great place.

        1. re: psnative

          Ponte Vecchio is indeed great, but also indeed expensive. Try Tuscany Grill for Italian or Agnanti for Greek. A reservation is probalby necessary at TG.

          1. re: Wet Towel

            I love Agnanti. I never had to wait for a table but the wait for food once seated can be ridiculous. I agree about the Tuscany Grill. I really like that place and it is usually not crowded.

      2. Pearl Room. They have large booths and tables in front, a middle room and a garden room. Food is very good- not red sauce Italian- and the service is excellent. I will say that like many restaurants in BR, it can get noisy on a weekend. I do not like New Corner at all- I find it shabby and in the two times that I have tried it, the food has been average at best. Have not tried Ponte Vecchios. Tuscany Grill is decent but may be a little small. I do like the food at Cebu but it has a big bar scene which for me on a weekend night is a turnoff.
        A number of new places have opened recently- Petit Oven which is small but the food is supposed to be excellent. More new choices north of what has been suggested.

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        1. re: carfreeinla

          I like the Pearl Room as well. although I've found the food to be a little uneven. I agree that their service is excellent.. Unfortunately it's VERY noisy when it's crowded and that has a significant impact on table conversation. I find Tuscany Grill to have decent food but you're correct: It's small as is Petit Oven. Ponte Vecchio has good food but it's more costly than it's worth.
          I'd have to respectfully disagree with your description of New Corner as being "Shabby" It's an old time neighborhood eatery and the decor you refer to as shabby is in keeping with it's long time (since 1939) neighborhood restaurant status. As for the food being "Average,"They feature a large menu and since tastes are very subjective I can only reference the dishes I've enjoyed which have been better than average. They do offer red sauce Italian but also many other types of dishes. Just last week I had a platter of frito misto followed by a dish of sauteed salmon served on a bed of fettucine which were both delicious. The tables are well spaced, the chairs comfortable and the noise is absorbed by the drapes and carpeting, allowing for comfortable table conversation. Eating there is like stepping back to an earlier time.

          1. re: Tay

            New Corner has been debated on this board before. Without subjective tastes, Chowhound would not exist! Viva subjectivity!

            1. re: Tay

              New Corner has middle of the road food which ain't bad. Lage portions too with plenty of seating.

              What I like is it's the only Italian resto in the area that you can get a DOZEN baked clams at a reasonable price.

              Baked clams and softshell crabs would be my death row last meal.