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Oct 21, 2008 06:27 AM

Spicy, authentic, cheap SW cuisine in Old Town, ABQ

I don't have much time in ABQ. It's a conference and the hotel is in Old Town. I also don't know much about ABQ, but I know I love southwestern food, like green chile. i'm looking for something inexpensive and fun, homemade and delicious. help!

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    Absolutely the best website for where to eat in Albuquerque (look under Duke City). Now is a good time to find the best green chile as the harvest is just ending. Good eating.

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      Monica's El Portal (321 Rio Grande NW, 505-247-9625) and Duran's Pharmacy (1815 Central NW, 505-247-4141; yes, they serve food in there) are both decent NM restaurants in Old Town that should meet your quals.