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Oct 21, 2008 05:57 AM

New Bedford chow

May have a job offer in New Bedford and was wondering about the restaurant "scene" if there is one. I will also be in the area about a week before Thanksgiving and am planing a day trip. Anything worth while to check out while in New Bedford?


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  1. There are several chow worthy places in New Bedford. The region is heavily influenced by Portuguese and Cape Verdean and excellent examples of that cuisine can be found at Antonio's and Cafe Funchal, discussed many times on these boards. It's also a town loaded with $1.00 hot dog joints, cheap chow mein sandwiches, (yes, I said sandwiches) and $2.99 bacon and eggs with toast AND coffee. That said, I stick to b'fast and lunch as much of the city is very depressed with the resulting street crime that one finds in many cities with extremely high unemployment and hard drug dependancies.

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      I agree with Antonio's as one of the better places to try in town.
      We've eaten there many times and we've never been diappointed.
      I also heartily agree with CapeCodGuy's last sentence.

    2. Cafe MiMo on Acushnet Ave is a small Portuguese restaurant that my Portuguese friends all love. I've eaten there a dozen times or so and have never had a bad meal.
      The steak is excellent and they have some great specials everyday.

      You may want to go to, it's the homepage of the local paper.
      Under entertainment they have dining reviews with a large archive of past reviews.

      As far as New Bedford itself, it's not the greatest city, but it's fairly safe if you use the common sense you'd use in any city. Keep the car doors locked, be vigilant, etc. all apply here. It's also very easy to get out of downtown and dine in quaint Fairhaven or Padanaram village in Dartmouth.

      Best of luck with the job offer!