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Halloween candy

What are your favorites and and most despised? What will you hand out? My favorites are 100 grand bars, baby ruths, milk duds and generally anything carmely. I usually hand out my most hated candy which is smarties or good and plenty so I won't eat all the leftovers.

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  1. favorites: nutrageous snack size. also, skittles, m&m's, junior mints, snickers, reese's. most despised? actually, i don't really despise any candies that i can think of, but i only choose ones that i really like, because i'll surely have leftovers. i even like mary janes! ;-)

    1. my favorites are the packs of swedish fish, sour patch kids and dots- perfect size for a little snack. I dislike the tootsie roll pack with the flavored tootsie rolls- the tootsie roll pops and dots are good but the rest is gross.

      least favorite as a child- the ones wrapped in orange or brown. I don't remember the flavor but ick.

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        OMG I love those flavored tootsie rolls. I don't why. I know they are kind of gross and I don't usually like non-chocolate candies but I always steal those out of my kids' stash.

      2. Favorite is the mini Crunch bar.

        Least favorite is candy corn, mellowcreams, indian corn...

        I'll probably hand out Twizzlers and the mini Teddy Graham packs.


        1. faves: 100 grand, kit kat, peanut butter cups, abba zabba, sugar babies, twix
          intense dislikes: the orange marshmellow shaped like a peanut, snickers, baby ruth, m&m peanuts, pay day, twizzlers (these are *not* red vines, senator)

          best to microwave and caramelize/almost burn: 3 musketeers

          eh: the lollipops (dum dums, blow pops, etc)

          1. Favorite: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, KitKats, Jr Mints.

            Least favorite: Dots. Even worse, jujubees, but I don't know if those are around anymore. Hard, sticky, fruit blobs. Yuck.

            I also love candy corn, and those marshmallow pumpkin things.

            1. I love love love Mounds bars. I don't think any kids like them though. 100 Grand are also quite satisfying.

              1. I normally buy those individual bags of pretzels so I don't feel so bad about eating the leftovers, but last night I bought mini bags of peanut M&Ms. Yum!

                1. I like to hand out the Palmer candy mixes for the sheer novelty value, the eyeballs, the ears, the toes and fingers. Each is a waxy chocolate candy with a nasty type filling. However, I think it is the type of thing I used to love getting as a kid -- a little different from an everyday item, holiday specific and fun for fun's sake.

                  Although, I do remember loving snickers and anything dark chocolate. My sister was alergic to peanuts, so the rest of us would swap our non-peanut candy for hers. Which was cool, cause milky ways don't have the same appeal to me.

                    1. I don't get trick or treaters, but I will buy a bag of candy just to keep up appearances! I usually wait until the last minute, on my way home on Halloween, and grab a bag of whatever appeals to me at that moment since I'll likely be eating the entire bag myself :)

                      OTOH, my parents only get 2 trick or treaters each year - the 2 kids who live next door. My mom knows their favorite candy bars (verified with their mom each year) and buys a single king size bar for each of them.

                      The only ones I hated as a kid (and still hate today) were skittles, and while I love candy corn, I hate the little candy pumpkins... My absolute favorite (then and now) are milky ways and almond joys.

                      1. #1 hate: Goetze's Bulls Eyes aka Caramel Creams

                        I also hate the cheap black and orange wrapped PB taffies, and none of my siblings was ever interested in trading for them, either.

                        Of course chocolate bars were the best, but I also happen to like candy corn, especially the chocolate Brach's flavor, and have been known to buy it out of season.

                        I stopped handing out candy after we started getting an influx of people driving in with vans full of teenagers.

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                          I gotta say I like those PB taffies. Absolute favorite for me is an Almond Joy.

                          But I totally agree with you regarding the vans of teenagers, most of whom don't even bother to dress up.

                          I lived in the city of Detroit. I understand that some neighborhoods are not good for trick or treating and why kids would come to our neighborhood instead--the more the merrier say I. But for gods sakes, if you're in high school you're too old. And parents--park the van, get out and walk with your little kids instead of driving them from block to block (pure greed and laziness, if you ask me!)

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                            You got the picture. Sometimes I'll hand it out when it's still daylight, which is when we usually get the little kids with their parents from the neighborhood. But after dark, it's lock the door and turn the porch light off.

                        2. Favorites: Whatchamacallits, Reese's cups, Take 5, Twix, Butterfingers, peanut M&M's, Goobers, Clark Bars - anything w/ peanut butter in it

                          Dislikes: Mounds, Chunky bars, taffy or fruit flavored candies, marshmallow peanuts, smarties, peeps, gum, lollipops.

                          Most Practical - individual bags of Swedish Fish are what I use to treat my low blood sugars!

                          Most Favorite - I love the house down the street that pops fresh popcorn in their driveway and hands out little bags of it to the parents - Yea!

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                            Oh, I forgot about Butterfinger's. The big ones are nauseating, but the minis are just enough.

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                              Exactly. In fact, that could be said for most of this stuff. I just need two bites, then I'm good (= happy).

                          2. Ha ha, my philosophy on the candy is to only buy what I will eat if there are leftovers... hence, Tootsie Roll Pops, M and M's (both chocolate and peanut), Skittles, Smarties, Hot Tamales, and this year I'm throwing in about four of those bags of individually wrapped Ghiradelli chocolates (for the parents)!

                            1. Reese's, Twix, Snickers, those are my favorites. We get a handful of trick or treaters now (anywhere from about 8 to 15 or so, but usually only in half a dozen or less door trips) , and assuming we're going to be home (I think one or two years out of the five so far we were not) I insist upon giving out what I thought was the "good" candy. ;-) I dunno how the kids are today, but the chocolatey concoctions were always the most favored. I usually get a mix. I think we'll try not to go overboard this time (haven't bought yet) because last time we had I think more leftover than we gave out. ;-) Actually, I think one year we handed out Little Debbies. ;-)

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                                My grandmother used to hand out Little Debbies. She lives in a small town (800 ppl) so there weren't many kids needing treats. She would just buy a few boxes and let each kid pick the variety they liked best. Her house was always the last stop for me since I would spend the night there while my mom took my older brother to the haunted house and for more trick-or-treating, so I always got the bulk of the leftover snack cakes :)

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                                  good idea. who doesn't like ld oatmeal cakes? they're dangerous to keep around (or at least they used to be good, in that ld way!)

                              2. I always like to hand out candy, because I see it as a way to make a connection with the neighborhood kids.

                                I usually get an assortment--something chocolate, tootsie rolls (because they're my favorite) and something fruity like Sweet Tarts.

                                When I was growing up, I remember lots of people in my neighborhood giving out little snack bags of potato chips. This was in suburban Detroit. No one else I have mentioned this to, who grew up outside of that area, recalls ever getting potato chips when trick or treating. Just curious if this was common where anyone else lived? I know one of the local high schools would sell cases of chips as a fundraiser just before Halloween and a lot of people bought them for that purpose. So I'm wondering if it was just unique to my neighborhood or the Detroit area?

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                                  I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and my kids will come home with about 5 bags of chips, pretzels or doritos or even goldfish. I grew up in the burbs of NY and we only got candy.

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                                    Not potato chips, but popcorn, and apples (I'll bet no one does that anymore!). Did anyone ever have a neighbor set up a bobbing for apples dunk?

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                                      I live in Toronto and I have always received lots of little bags of chips- usually plain (wavy or regular), Doritos and Humpty Dumpty.

                                    2. I love Razzles and Heath bars, but DH prefers Hershey bars or Butterfingers.

                                      1. Nobody has mentioned my favorite- Good & Plenty. I love them so much I keep them at work. It's perfect because I can offer them to 10 different people and only one or so will want any. Hahaha. Black licorice has a bad rap I think....
                                        My least favorite candys are Bit o'Honey's and those caramels filled with milk/cream. I think they are called cow tails.

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                                        1. re: phimoez

                                          you crack me up about the anticipated (and welcome) rejection rate for your offers of g&p. i love them, and their fruity cousins.

                                          and those caramels, are they the ones that are like little spirals, with a sickly sweet marshmallow-y cream fluff? i can take just about anything, but those set my teeth on edge. oh, ok, i won't eat circus peanuts, either.

                                          love the almond joys. tried and true simple deliciousness.

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                                            I used to keep other candy at my desk but it's upsetting when you buy a bag of Dove squares and within 2 days the whole bag is gone because 50 other people snuck pieces everytime I got up. Haha. I can keep a gallon of G&P for all to see and they last so much longer. I also love their cousins Mike & Ike.

                                            Those caramels are the spirals with the fluff stuff in the center. I love real caramels but something about those "stuffed" ones that repulse me. I totally agree with you about those packing peanuts. ICK! Also i will need to add Peeps to the list........since they seem to be expanding past just Easter candy. The are really cute but bleh.

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                                              my nieces are stale peeps fans. i think it is a cult. just....step away from the peeps!