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Oct 21, 2008 05:55 AM

Halloween candy

What are your favorites and and most despised? What will you hand out? My favorites are 100 grand bars, baby ruths, milk duds and generally anything carmely. I usually hand out my most hated candy which is smarties or good and plenty so I won't eat all the leftovers.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. favorites: nutrageous snack size. also, skittles, m&m's, junior mints, snickers, reese's. most despised? actually, i don't really despise any candies that i can think of, but i only choose ones that i really like, because i'll surely have leftovers. i even like mary janes! ;-)

      1. my favorites are the packs of swedish fish, sour patch kids and dots- perfect size for a little snack. I dislike the tootsie roll pack with the flavored tootsie rolls- the tootsie roll pops and dots are good but the rest is gross.

        least favorite as a child- the ones wrapped in orange or brown. I don't remember the flavor but ick.

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          OMG I love those flavored tootsie rolls. I don't why. I know they are kind of gross and I don't usually like non-chocolate candies but I always steal those out of my kids' stash.

        2. Favorite is the mini Crunch bar.

          Least favorite is candy corn, mellowcreams, indian corn...

          I'll probably hand out Twizzlers and the mini Teddy Graham packs.


          1. faves: 100 grand, kit kat, peanut butter cups, abba zabba, sugar babies, twix
            intense dislikes: the orange marshmellow shaped like a peanut, snickers, baby ruth, m&m peanuts, pay day, twizzlers (these are *not* red vines, senator)

            best to microwave and caramelize/almost burn: 3 musketeers

            eh: the lollipops (dum dums, blow pops, etc)