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Oct 21, 2008 05:39 AM

Grand Pizza Ripoff

Why is it when I order my pizza pie as half mushroom, I get charged as if the entire pie had mushroom on it?

If the difference is $2 between a plain pie and a fully mushroomed pie, if I order just half mushroom, shouldn't I just pay the $1 difference?

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  1. How much of the $2 is the cost of the mushrooms? The cost of the labor to put the mushrooms on the pizza? The extra labor or concentration needed to ensure that only 1/2 the pizza is covered with mushrooms? The extra value of having two different types of pizza (plain, and mushroom) on the same pie without having to order two pizzas?

    In short, maybe it's not a ripoff. Maybe some other pizza places will price on the fractions, you can try to find them.

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    1. re: JugglerDave

      We're in a recession. I have ulcers. My kids need braces. My wife needs a new car. I see men in the street doing heavy manual labor. And $2 to put a few furshluggina pieces of mushrooms with the carefulness and precision of a medical laboratory, with the backbreaking strength takes that much labor? And charging the same as if they doubled the number of mushrooms?

      Believe me...that's not significant labor. They should thank me that with my choice of going to their pizzeria or someone elses, and pay my good money for a decent meal at a decent price, I picked them. I shouldn't have to thank them that they are charging me $2 for $1 worth of mushrooms. They are not counting out whether to put 54 or 55 mushrooms...just 50 vs 100, plus or minus. And anyway, so what. It's only a dang pizza, not rocket science.

      As the old story goes...if the store can't afford the 10 cents of labor it takes to put a few stinking pieces of mushroom on a pie, maybe they aren't in the business of providing value to the customers who frequent the place.

      1. re: Potrezebie

        I think its more about getting a custom pie. You have to pay extra for the customization. Also they may put the whole amount of mushrooms but just on one side.

        If you ask for something that isn't on the menu expect to pay more for it. Same applies to sandwich shops.

        1. re: Potrezebie

          Yeah...the pizza shop owner is in a recession, too. He has ulcers, his kids need braces and his wife needs a new car.

        1. In response to JugglerDave, let me ask again, why is it that many pizzerias that charge the same for, say, a half mushroom pie as they do for a full mushroom pie don't apply the same principle and charge four times as much for a quattro stagioni as they do for a single-topping pie?

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          1. re: racer x

            You might ask them why they (seem to) charge disproportionately. If you don't like the answer, patronize another place.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. this is status quo in my opinion. seeing "half and half pizzas will be charged at the higher price" is pretty much the industry norm. same as when a BOGO coupon says " lesser priced item is free item". Do you also expect to buy a 10$ bottle of wine, and with a BOGO coupon, get a 100$ bottle for free? its just the way it is. Your other options are: get two pizzas, or get shrooms on the whole thing(that way you dont feel ripped off). Of course if this scenerio makes you feel cheated, the fact that they are charging you 2$ in the first place, for what is probably .50$ worth of mushrooms, is pobably enough to begin with!