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Best restaurants in the Milton area

Hey, I've got a date coming up, and was wondering if I could get any suggestions for good restaurants in or around Milton. There are no good options in the poorer areas nearby, such as Mattapan, West Roxbury or Hyde Park. The only real dining options I'm aware of in those areas are fast food and take-out.

Milton is almost entirely residential, unfortunately. I suppose I could go to Canton, Dedham, Braintree or Quincy, but I'd prefer to keep it local, if at all possible.

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  1. Milton doesn't have much in the way of restaurants. I suppose that's because its a dry town and restaurants don't want to make the investment if they can't get a liquor license. You haven't given us much to go on, in terms of the tye of food atmosphere etc, but you may want to check out Quincy center. Fat Cat would be a good date spot; casual, lobster mac & cheese, pulled pork, lobster lavash etc.; Alba Trattoria for casual Italian, nice atmosphere, comfortable place for conversation; Bad Abbotts for anIrish pub; Kagawa for sushi or tempura. Closer to the East Milton line are the Common Market restaurants. I find that a number of people from Milton tend to make this their hang out, but it's also an older (over 50) crowd. CafedeParis does well with their steaks and specials such as lobster ravioli topped with shrimp and scallops in a garlic cream sauce; while Darcy's makes a good pizza.

    1. I live in the "poorer area" of Hyde Park. Come on over, its actually quite nice. Townsend's in Hyde Park is excellent.

      1. "There are no good options in the poorer areas nearby"

        Umm, well. If you can stand the Dickensian squalor of West Roxbury (that's sarcasm, my dears), try Masona Grill or West on Centre.

        I think those two compare favorably to most (most, I said) of what you will find in Canton, Dedham, Braintree, or Quincy.

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          Not familar with Masona Grill. Can you please provide more info.

        2. Yikes, I don't think the good people of Mattapan, West Roxbury or Hyde Park will be happy to read this. By the way, there are several options in those areas, including the aforementioned Townsend's in Hyde Park, Merengue near the Roxbury/Mattapan line, and the Himalayan Bistro and Masona Grill, both in West Roxbury.

          In addition to Pegmeister's excellent suggestions around Quincy, I would also add Gennaro's on Quincy Avenue, Quincy Dynasty on Billings Road in North Quincy, the Inn at Bay Pointe near the old shipyard on Washington Court, and Skyline at Marina Bay.

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            Merengue is the bombbbb. Standouts: red snapper in garlic sauce, their lobster dish (in coconut sauce, they give you so much meat), and their paella's not bad either. I also think they have the best Tres Leches cake I've had in Boston.

          2. I am really impressed with Townsend's in Hyde Park. Every month, it's becoming a planned destination for myself and several friends that live in a 10 mile radius. Their Fall menu came out this past week, and their cafe is due to open any day. I guess if you want to stay in the poorer town of Milton, your options are limited. You could check out more affluent areas like Weston and Sudbury. :-) Come to think of it, I don't think Weston has any restaurants with the great atmosphere and food that Townsends has. Their special events such as their wine tasting dinners and beer tasting dinners have been very successful. You might want to change your outlook on things. You could be missing out!.

            1. I would add Siros at Marina Bay to the Quincy suggestion. I have been finding the food to be consistently better now that the summer crowds are gone. In addition to their regular menu, they have a winter special of 3 courses for $19 (choices within each course). Also a nice place to go for watch a game and have a drink, if your not looking for a sports bar atmosphere.
              I personally would stay away from Skyline. I think the food quality and cleanliness of the place has gone beyond bad. After a long boycott of the place , due to mediocre food, poor service and less than clean atmosphere, we tried it the other night to get a burger and watch the game. Dirty silverware and a dirty wineglass started off the evening and it didn't get any better. Food is extremely mediocre and the place, in general, looks neglected. There were only about 5 tables filled.

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                What are your thoughts on Captain Fishbones at Marina Bay? I was there a few weeks ago and thought the 99 cent appetizers were a pretty good deal. I especially liked the onion rings and the fried oysters weren't bad either.

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                  After our bad expereince at Skyline, we said we should give Fishbones another try , as we haven't been there for anything other than breakfast in a long while. The breakfast is not as good as it used to be though sitting outside on a warm summer morning makes it.enjoyable....wouldn't go here for breakfast if it wasn't on the water.

                  Other than the 99 apps, any recommendations on the main menu?

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                    They seem to do a good job with their seafood, especially anything fried. Nice fried clams, fried haddock etc. I've also had a decent lobster roll with clam chowder.

              2. You could try the Ashmont Grill, which is very nice and is in nearby Dorchester. In Quncy , you should like the Punjab Cafe (for North Indian food) and La Paloma (for good Mexican food).
                There are also lots of wonderful Vietnamese restaurants in Dorcehster and Qunicy.

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                  From the Milton/Mattapan line take a ride straight up Cummins Highway into Roslindale Sq. Lots of good options: Delfino, Sophia's Grotto, Birch St. Bistro. I know there are more, but I have yet to try them (Geoffrey's, etc.). Having grownup in the (who said above?) "Dickensian Squalor" of West Roxbury and Roslindale, it does my little heart heart proud to see such robust and thriving spots there!

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                    Good call on Rozzie. It's not all that far from Milton--I've made it there from the Milton line in about 5 or 6 minutes on days with little traffic. I like Village Sushi, Geoffrey's, and Sophia's Grotto in that neighborhood.

                    I'm still scratching my head at the OP saying that West Roxbury is a "poorer area." Most of it is middle class, and the blocks around Park Street and Bellevue include some of the nicest sections of Boston...

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                      We live in Milton near the Hyde Park line and have the same annoyance about few local dining options. We've been meaning to check out Townsend's in HP since it is walkable from us but we've found the best solution is usually to drive the 10 minutes to either Roslindale sq. (Geoffrey's is our most frequent spot), head into JP (usually to the Alchemist) or head to one of the many fine Asian options in Quincy.

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                        Does Cappy's in Readville have any good pub grub? I've been meaning to get over there.

                        1. re: hiddenboston

                          Cappy's is awesome for pub grub! They will also make you stuff that is not on the menu. Note their menu is just on a chalkboard. I've liked their burgers (the thin type, but cheap!) and chicken sandwich and the chowder. Friday they do a fresh fish fry at lunch -they bring it in from the fish pier in the a.m. They usually run out. The people there are nice too.

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                            What is the atmosphere like at Cappy's? I'm picturing high-backed booths in the dining area and stools around a small bar, but perhaps I'm mistaken. :-)

                            1. re: hiddenboston

                              The pub is one big room, divided by a drink rail. Long bar the length of the room with the old-style leather/vinyl upholstered seats (with backs) - stools are attached to the floor. Seating area is long leather/vinyl (prob. vinyl) bench, on a platform , also room-length w high tables and bar-stool height chairs. Also high tables and chairs. They have a number of plasma TVs, sports memorabilia on the walls (but not over-loaded) as well as historical hyde park pics/pics of their softball teams. etc. Nice lighting and dark wood and glass accents. Mirror behind bar. Bathrooms are small, but clean. You order your food from the bar, and they bring it to you. They also have free popcorn. It is a fun place to spend an afternoon watching the games.

                              1. re: JudyHP

                                Thanks for the info, Judy. I may head over there one of these days.

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                                  Well, guess where we went last night. Cappy's! I felt like Daniel Boone, trudging my way through neighborhood after neighborhood to the outer edges of Boston to get to this place in Readville (which doesn't really feel like it's part of Beantown, but it is).

                                  It was all locals when we got there. I heard a lot of talk like "see ya, Jimmy," hey, Mikey, how's the family?" and "damn Sox shoulda been there, Frankie." I started heading up to the bar to order, but the bartender motioned me back, bringing us menus, knowing we were newbies to the place (he was a really nice guy, BTW).

                                  We ordered a few items, and while it seemed like basic pub grub for the most part, the exception was definitely their flame-grilled burgers, which were juicy, had a high fat content, and tasted better than most similar flat patties that I've had in the Boston area. It was really, really good...

                                  I really liked Cappy's. It has the look of an old factory workers' bar, and I bet it must have been, as the sign out front says that it was established in 1938. As we were leaving , I mentioned that it seemed the type of joint where we might all be found stumbling out of it on a snowy afternoon singing "Dirty Old Town" with a bunch of people we never met. I loved it!

                                  1. re: hiddenboston

                                    I've been by it 1000s of times but never gone in. For some reason, I'd gotten the impression it was "just" a neighborhood type bar where food was an afterhought. Were there other people there just for dinner as well? I 'll have to try it.

                                    1. re: catsmeow

                                      There were a number of people there, but we were the only ones actually eating food. ;-b

                                      I noticed that they had pizza on special last night. I wonder if it was bar pizza, and if so, how good it was...

                  2. I'm surprised to hear that the Pegmeister liked Fishbones, as the last two meals we've had there were pretty boring, and not very tasty (we seem to like similar places on the South Shore). That establishment along with Skyline (which is also way overpriced), are not the cleanest places in the world. Marina Bay food is below average with the exception of Siros, which I also feel has gotten better over the past 6 months. Siros also has decent bar service.
                    However, I'm not sure the OP would want to go to such a run down old boat yard. Ha! Ha!

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                      Hi Dan, Actually I was surprised myself that I was happy with Fishbones but they really did a good job with the fried seafood. I was on the barside which is rather dark so maybe that's why I didn't notice any cleanliness issues. I'm also wondering about the Chanty, and didn't notice if it was still there or not. Now, that was a rather divey place for the area, but I liked their clams.

                      1. re: Pegmeister

                        Peg, I've stayed away from the Chanty. Everything always seems old. It has become mor or less just a watering hole. I really don't know how they stay in business. ??? They used to have good steamers, but even they seem old. In other words, they've past the "use by" date.

                      2. re: CocoDan

                        Recently went to Siros after a long absence. I found it to be overpriced and boring. Service was AWFUL!!! So disappointed.