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Oct 20, 2008 10:32 PM

Nice restaurants in Bothell/Woodinville

Have been looking for some nice restaurants in the bothell/woodinville area without much success. I've read a little about Preservation Kitchen and it looks good but am looking for some input from someone who's actually eaten there.

Anyone have any other ideas for interesting restaurants in that area?

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  1. Skip Bothell and Woodinville and head to 21 Central in Kirkland. If you're thinking breakfast in the Bothell area, try Maltby Cafe. Huge portions, great fare, long lines on the weekend. Herbfarm in Woodinville is good, but you can't just "drop in" for dinner. Reservations required months in advance. Barking Frog? Not great...not even very good.
    Redhook Brewery for a burger and a brew is okay. Chan's for Chinese ... okay but not stellar. That's it. Nothing else even good comes to mind...

    1. This place has received some good notices, although I have not yet eaten there:

      1. I have had good luck at Barking Frog, generally. We also like the Golden Goat and Purple, both of whom are adjacent to each other in the same strip mall. The Woodinville Cafe does nice breakfasts. Other than the Main Street Alehouse, which is only OK, I think the best place in Bothell is Stella Mia, further up the Bothell-Everett Highway.

        1. There will be a Mayuri (same owner as the one in Redmond) opening at Thrasher's Corner before the end of the year.

          I like Pen Thai in downtown Bothell.

          1. Had a so-so meal at Preservation Kitchen a few weeks after they opened. Flavorless boar pasta and cold duck leg confit. Cafe Juanita is still the best in the area.