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Oct 20, 2008 09:50 PM

SD Ceviche

I had dinner at Chilango's the other night and had a good ceviche. I also got lunch at Blue Water Seafood and although I didn't have the ceviche there I saw some being served and it looked quite good. Btw, I would highly recommend both of these places. Although my meal at Chilango's wasn't as good as my last time there, the server could not have been friendlier and the food was all enjoyable, especially considering the prices.

I have seen some postings about Marsicos German and Godoy having good ceviche. Any other suggestions? It certainly doesn't have to be a mexican restaurant. Although I enjoyed the one at Chilangos, it only had one type of fish. I sometimes like the ones with a variety of seafood.

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  1. I can vouch for the ceviche at Blue Water. It's good, has quite a kick to it, and it's always in a small pan in the back of the front fish case (the one facing the patio) in the retail section of the shop.

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      The ceviche at Bay Park Fish Co. on Morena is delicious. It has the perfect citrus zing and plentiful seafood. I think the price is about right, also.

    2. I really like the ceviche at Latin Chef in PB. When I went there with a Peruvian friend she claimed that it was the closest she had anywhere outside of Peru and better than a lot of place in Peru.

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        I 2nd Latin Chef's ceviche. It's light, citrusy with a nice kick of red onion. They give you a lot of fish for $10. After two of us finished it, we were too full for much else.

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          I'll third it. Wonderful. A lot of toothsome fresh fish with a nice spicy balance. Best I've ever had.

      2. The ceviche at Karina's in Encinitas is really good. It is a tiny taco shop.

        Karina's Taco Shop
        916 N Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024

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          I'll fourth Latin Chef.

          Also, the ceviche counter at Northgate Market is always a must when shopping down there.

        2. The Culinary Institute of America has a new campus in San Antonio, TX that is devoted to the foods of the Americas. They did an inaugural workshop for industry professionals on Latin Flavors/American Kitchen that focused on Mexico and Peru. Ceviche was a hot topic.

          The presenters were pretty clear that there is a big different between Mexican ceviche and Peruvian ceviche, which became apparent when we got to taste. Key to the Peruvian ceviche is the leche de tigre, which is the base liquid for it. I can post additional information later tonight on the difference plus a really good leche de tigre recipe. Not to hijack this thread, but one of the really interesting aspects of the workshop was the emphasis on Chifa food from Peru, or the influence of Chinese (and Japanese) immigrants on Peruvian food, but most especially on fish and seafood.

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            I agree that the leche de tigre is the key for a good peruvian ceviche (and drinking it after you finished the ceviche is a good way to finish). I also think that Peruvians call the dish Cebiche instead of Ceviche.
            The influence from China and even more Japan is very strong in Peru - just look how was one of their presidents recently.

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              Thanks for the recs. I have been wanting to try Latin Chef for a while anyway so now I have a good reason to make it out there. I would be interested to learn more about the differences between the peruvian and mexican versions of ceviche.

            2. I know you asked for other recs but the Special green shrimp ceviche Godoy is nice ;)