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Oct 20, 2008 08:40 PM

Time for a new deep-fryer

I need a new deep fryer and would like to find a model that can go into the dishwasher. Does anyone have a model they like and would recommend?

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  1. I haven't tried it, but I did see the commercial on Food Network today and it piqued my interest. It's the new T-Fal EZ Clean Deep Fryer. Bascially, it automatically cleans and filters the oil into a built-in storage container that is dishwasher safe. It looks super easy to use and clean. Here's the link:

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      Interesting. And it looks like it's the kind that heats the oil with immersed coils instead of heating the pot. That's good, since it reduces the amount of charring of the solid bits (so the oil doesn't get foul tasting as fast). Somebody be brave and buy one and tell us how it works. And the other biq question is: does it heat the oil to the advertised temperature?

    2. So did anyone here pull the trigger and buy a new deep-fryer? We've never had one and would be interested to hear how you like (don't like) yours.

      1. After trying two other models (including the T-Fal EZ Clean which I took back to the store after one use) I ended up buying the DeLonghi Cool-Touch Roto Fryer.

        It doesn't have a removable insert. There went my dream of tossing the dirty part into the dishwasher.
        It also doesn't have the capacity of my previous DeLonghi (I guess I should cut down on the amount of french fries I make).

        It heats to 375°, something so many fryers fail to do.
        It gets back up to temp rapidly after the addition of food, also something that's difficult for other brands to do.
        It has a rotating basket the keeps the food moving around the oil.
        It uses about 1/2 the oil of other fryers.

        I won't be using this for fried chicken or catfish, but for small amounts of things like fries, it works quite well.

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          Thanks for the feedback! It's been a while since we went to see them in person, but I definitely remember DeLonghi was in the consideration set.

          1. re: kattyeyes

            I actually have both of them.

            The T-Fal EZ-Clean system really works as advertised. You can store the container of filtered oil in the fridge to increase its life. Everything except the heating unit can go in the dishwasher. It is very easy to assemble and take apart and there are no mechanical components.

            It has a very large capacity, which is both good and bad. It fries a lot of food at one time, but you need several litres of oil to fill the unit. The air filter works and you can see the frying food through the top window.

            Mine does heat to 375. Recovery time is adequate, though not exceptional. You can deep fry anything you want in the T-Fal. Results are good but, again, not exceptional.

            The magnetic power cord, while theoretically a good safety feature, disconnects too easily. If you overfill the unit with oil, it will cause an incredible mess (and probable damage to its surroundings) when you filter the oil. It seems flimsy, but is more robust than it appears and the exterior doesn't get as hot as you might expect. Unlike many fryers with a similar design, the plastic parts have not crumbled from normal use.

            bkhuna's comments on the DeLonghi are consistent with my experience. It produces excellent fried foods - better than the T-Fal - and it does this with remarkably little oil. Externally, it appears to be a better machine with a better fit and finish.

            Internally, there is a complex system of motors, seals, and small parts and it is quite difficult to open the unit for repairs (things do wear and break). While you use very little oil relative to its capacity, this capacity is very small.

            You can't easily fry anything with a coating (say, battered or breaded foods), since the rotating basket causes bits to come loose from the food, giving poor results and ruining the oil.

            Cleaning is difficult. The unit doesn't come apart and can't be washed safely in a sink. You must use a special plastic rod to clear debris from the drain and also deal with an annoying condensate capture system (instead of venting out the filter, water vapour is trapped in a tiny chamber that you must dry out). The viewing window fogs quickly and is useless.

            Both of these fryers are ingenious, though in very different ways. The DeLonghi makes much better fries. What it can do, it does extremely well. However, the T-Fal is so much easier to use and clean that I put it on the counter. I am much more likely to use the T-Fal on a last minute whim.

            1. re: embee

              Thank you so kindly for the in-depth comparison. We have thought about buying a deep-fryer for so long, I'm glad to have these pros and cons to mull over before we finally make the purchase.

        2. i'd like to suggets the Tefal ActiFry. It will cook 1kg chips with only a spoonful of oil, and is easy to clean. does it fit in the dish washer???? i dont know... see its reviews by over 100 users on
          just copy and paste this link
          ..addendum...sorry must reconsider.. it sounded too good to be true..
          while most reviews are 5*, about 10% give a very bad review on account of its flimsy construction -easily breaks, oh! yes..and a tendancy to ignite!!!! (about 4/1000
          )that lead to its appearance on BBC1 Watchdog in Nov 2008

          also see Tefals statement on the safety of this item in light of watchdog report

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            We use ours all the time. No problems with it - it cleans very easily also, one of its benefits. Even the French reviews praise its French Fries (but they call them frites of course). You can use it with fresh or frozen food. I don't see it as flimsy at all. As for igniting, I don't see the very slight chance as being anywhere near the problems with using a deep fat fryer.