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Oct 20, 2008 08:37 PM

Four Barrel Coffee, SF - they sell Dynamo Donuts here

It's very popular, line can be long. 4 wild animal heads to look at - creepy.

Menu here:

Coffee 2
Espresso 2
Americano 2
Macchiato 2.5
Cappuccino 3
Cafe Latte 3.5
Mocha 4
iced coffee 2.5
soy .5

All shots double

I had a cafe latte 3.5 - tax included I guess. I had it "for here". Came in a mug w/ coffee art. Love that. Coffee nice & strong, but good w/ the milk.

Had to wait a bit, since No receipt given or name asked. How do they know what to make?

They sell Dynamo Donuts here. I saw on my visit:
vanilla bean 2.5
lemon thyme 2.5
orange ginger 2.5

One unisex bathroom available - fine when I needed it.

My pics here:

Four Barrel Coffee
375 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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  1. They open at 7 am, but donuts don't show up until about 9 am. But, man, are they worth waiting for.

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      Forgot to mention. The coffee is from Stumptown currently, but they plan to roast their own coffee soon. I believe the plan is to work together with Stumptown in buying lots of green beans that they'll add their own take on with their unique roast. The dynamo donuts are fantastic. And, you can get Four Barrel/Stumptown coffee over at Dynamo - some kind of inter-business barter. My take on the coffee there was that it was just about as good as Four Barrel's. Two great new options for coffee and donuts.

    2. The Mission murals and antojitos tour made this the first stop last Saturday. I figured what better way to prep for our walk than to start off with a caffeine and sugar high on this warm day. I had stopped by here the day before to ask if there would be any donuts left ca. 2pm and would I need to reserve them. I was informed that they usually last until 2 or 3pm on busy Saturdays, and I decided to be flexible and not hold any. On Saturday we got here close to 2:30pm and there were two donuts left in the case. My favorite comment from one of my charges as she peered into the glass case was, "Is that first word BACON?" Yep, we got the last two bacon maple donuts, which I cut into six bits each for us to share. They liked the donuts, they liked the coffee (iced for me, travesty, I know), but the question I couldn't answer was, "What's the story behind the stuffed heads mounted on the wall?"

      1. This is my favorite coffee place in SF! (They have now been roasting coffee here for a while.) I like their regular coffee, haven't had espresso or any other coffe drinks. I've tried the banana creme donut, chocolate/cinnamon, bacon/maple! donuts, all great. The chicken/croissant sandwich is good for a pre-made sandwich, I've had it several times.

        The employees are happy and friendly. The place is clean. There is a turntable set up and often a record playing. I brought them a record once to add to their collection, and the guy behind the counter said that lots of their records were brought in by customers.