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Oct 20, 2008 08:23 PM

Breakfast/Brunch in Hope BC

Any ideas for place(s) to take elderly and very non-adventurous in-laws for b'fast or brunch in Hope on a Sunday? There used to be a couple of decent old style cafes along the main drag but that may have been in the 60s! If anyone has been there recently would appreciate any ideas.

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  1. Hi there! The BF and I stopped in Hope for gas and take out breakkie on our way to Edmonton a few weeks ago. Next to the gas station (can't remember which one) was a Place called Skinny's Grille. We got breakkie to go and it was great! The restaurant itself looked a bit eclectic, the waitress was friendly and the portions were huge. I had a fantastic breakfast burrito with a big side of hashbrowns. The BF went for a burger and poutine and the poutine was ENORMOUS! Lots of standard fare on the menu and a focus on "home cookin'". Here's a link so that you can see where it's located:

    1. On my trips from Kelowna to the Coast, if I have time I will ALWAYS stop at The Home Restaurant. Great classic diner menu, made from scratch, good portions, friendly service. Love the omelettes and the Eggs Blackstone

      It has been around since the 50's so it may be one of the places you remember!

      1. The original comment has been removed