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Oct 20, 2008 08:21 PM

Philly X-mas dinner recs?

Cheers, Philly CHers. I will be travelling from San Diego to Philly for Christmas. Are there any restaurants that you'd highly recommend, that will be open for Christmas dinner? We love seafood (yes, have high expectations since I'm from coastal CA), Americana fare, or Buddhakan-type cuisine without those high prices. We'd also like to dine at a place with a warm atmosphere, nice quiet acoustics, even a fireplace. Think: romantic and quality food. I realize it's probably too early to post this, but we're trying to figure out if there are better options in Philly or D.C. for dinner this night. Thanks in advance for recommendations.

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  1. You might check into City Tavern for "Americana" type place. I know they have a Thanksgiving dinner so maybe they are open for Christmas?

    Chinese restaurants are usually open on Christmas Day.

    1. Wow! That could be a tough one. One idea is a restaurant in a hotel b/c they're going to have to feed hotel guests. Many of the nicer hotels have nice restaurants. I have a feeling you may just need to start calling places? Or someone in the industry may reply with the inside scoop. Good luck

      1. I tried (a reservation service) and entered 12/25/2008, dinner for 2 @7:00pm and 10 restaurants came up. That's a start for you

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          Great idea, keby! Thanks so much, will use the opentable website to check out options. Also, I'd like to find out what kind of cuisine Lacroix offers, am hoping their menu is online. Can't wait to experience the Philly food scene, even if our choices are limited.

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            Some restaurants won't take reservations that far in advance on opentable. You would probably do better calling. Some other likely possibilities (hotel restaurants) are 10 Arts at the Ritz, XIX at the Bellevue and the Fountain at the Four Seasons.

        2. Try Lacroix. I had xmas eve dinner there last year. Such a great meal!

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            I agree. Lacroix is one of my favorites.

          2. Last Christmas had a dinner for six at The Plough and the Stars. Very, very good in all ways. Varied menu of turkey, prime rib, lamb, fish, and a vegetarian pasta dish. Service spot on. The restaurant was decorated beautifully. Our table was upstairs next to the railing, so we had a great view of the lights and Christmas tree. The price was reasonable.

            We found it most challenging to find an appropriate restaurant that was open Christmas day.