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Oct 20, 2008 08:01 PM

Crab Joint in Wilmington/Dover Delaware Area

Going down this weekend to Dover Del. area. I know local crabs are out of season, but does anyone know of any worthy crab houses in Northern Delaware down to Balto? Doesn't have to be fancy. Just good eats. Water view a plus.


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  1. Are there no chow worthy sites in the Wilmington-Dover area??? How about a good seafood place?

    1. "Sambo’s Tavern has operated for more than 50 years off Del. 9 in the sleepy town of Leipsic. It’s a true institution, so it’s not without its traditions and principles: No credit cards, no one under 21, and no crabs after local watermen pack up their pots and dry dock their skiffs in November. Show up early to grab a highly coveted window seat with a view of the Leipsic River. Try a crab cake with jumbo lump crabmeat, no filler and double-checked for loose shells. (280 Front St., Leipsic, 674-9724)"

      That's what these folks <> had to say about Sambo's. I've been there, but don't know much else about the area.

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      1. re: The.Macher

        Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately had a small change in plans and will be staying near newark this trip. Perhaps next week I can hit it on the way to Punkin Chunkin Oct. 31.

        Anyplace along I 95? Thanks

        1. re: ptcandy

          I don't know of any crab places in that area. I'd go to the Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant147 E. Main St., Newark, 266-9000 if I were in Newark.

          1. re: The.Macher

            Not that far from Newark is Woody's Crab House in North East, MD, exit 100 off I-95.

            1. re: pronek

              been to woodys. will check back with you next year.