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Oct 20, 2008 07:15 PM

candy stores in LA?

I'm looking for one of those big candy stores...Like Willy Wonka style ones. Like Dylan's Candy Bar or Economy Candy in NYC. There seem to be lots of little bitty boutique candy stores in LA - fine chocolate shops, etc. But does anyone know of a big ol' wall to wall candy store with bins where you feel like a little kid? Thanks!!

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  1. Munchies on Pico (right around Robertson) is AWESOME. It's kosher, but it doesn't affect the candy. ;D They have everything from fine chocolate, parve, gummies, and hard candies that you can buy by the pound. They also sell icees, ice cream, cookies, and fozen bananas. I love this place!

    1. Candy Baron on Santa Monica and Fourth comes to mind. There is also a place in Belmont Shores (forgot the name) that is a bit more Willy Wonka-ish.