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Oct 20, 2008 06:05 PM

"Find Greatness Within" Culinary Event

This is at the Carlu on Monday night. Was sent tickets, and wondering if anyone knows anymore details about this. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Me as well. This was the only thing I could find:

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      Thanks for finding that. Actually sounds like very good fun!

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        I'm hoping so! The pedigree of the chefs/restaurants involved certainly makes it promising.

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          The event was sponsored by Courvoisier, and the premise was that four chefs each make a dish using either a Courvoisier cognac as a significant ingredient in an appetizer. There were the usual suspects judging, with the added bonus that the onther invitees were invited to taste and vote as well. The dishes were accompanied by cocktails made with a cognac designed to accompany the dishes.

          I've been to a few events of this nature in the past, and have to say that this seemed to be a complete reinvention of the typical launch format, both in terms of the scope of the offerings and the attention to detail. The overall experience was focussed on ensuring that every invited guest enjoyed the experience, and the quantities of food allowed for return trip to retry many of the dishes. Apologies in advance if I missed some of the ingredients in the descriptions.

          First up was Ted Corrado from C5. Rack of Cumbrae lamb served with a prune/cognac sauce, with a subtle ratatouille on the side, as well as some tiny cubes of gelled cognac/lamb(?) jus. Beautifully tender double chops, perfectly cooked. The other flavours on the plate were very nice accents.

          Then came the chef from JK Gardiner, who did long braised pork rib meat with a cognac accented sweet bbq sauve on a puree of a pale root veg. There was an accent on the plate of pickled watermelon rind, which was a fantastic flavour.

          Claudio Aprile then served crackers, topped with a small slice of squab breast and a nitrogen cooled ball of foie gras. The cracker was served on a shot glass with a warm glass of squab/cognac reduction.

          The gents from Amuse Bouche served a lobster/banana coconut bisque, that was lovely.

          While this was going on, there was one tasting bar servine the vsop and xo, and another which was serving the new ultra premium cognac, together with extremely thoughtful and audience sensitive presentations on understanding the various scents and flavours that comprise the various cognacs.

          What struck me about this event was that the chefs were engaged in talking to the attendees, both during the service (line-up style) and after their courses were complete. And that the person from Courvoisier was actually maintaining a link with the audience, adjusting the length of the presentation to the attention span of the audience, then actively spending time with those who were still curious.

          If there is a notional bar for these types of events, it has been reset at a somewhat more atmospheric level.

    2. I'm sorry I missed this - is there a place to find out about future events like this?

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        I found out about it as a subscriber to . I hear that readers of James Chatto's blog were also given tickets (first 10 to respond).