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Oct 20, 2008 05:16 PM

Upscale Bar with NFL Sunday Ticket

Would like to join my better half and watch a game or two this season, but do not want to hang out at Little Woodrow's/Third Base type places. Anywhere to come to mind that would have the NFL Sunday ticket?

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  1. Haven't seen anywhere too upscale with football. Closest I've found is Jasper's at the Domain. They have four TV's at the bar and always have sports on. Also accomodating if there is something particular you want. I haven't asked about the football package though. We went and were able to watch football, baseball, and nascar on a Sunday. Nice change of pace from the sports bars...good food and service as well (no, I don't work there!)

    1. Dave and Buster's might be a good option?

      1. Houston's? they had the UT game on a Sat night a few weeks ago.