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Finding box wine in Manhattan


Anyone know where to buy boxed wine in Manhattan? My Googling is leaving me empty handed, and I simply haven't the time to wander the streets of New York in search of my grail of vino.

Also, if you have any favorite/despised boxes, feel free to give commentary!


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  1. I know they have some at Discovery wines which is down on 1st and avenue A I think.

    1. I have seen them at almost every neighborhood wine shop, normally on the bottom racks where you'd not notice them. I also remember Broadway Wines and Spirits advertising their boxed wine as "cheaper than water."

      1. I have purchased it at 2 locations on the UWS:
        67 Wine and Spirits
        Westside Wine and Spirits (they had a better version)

        But, like JungMann says - I have seen it at a lot of neighborhood places. I would purchase it only from a shop with a knowledgeable staff tho (like Westside) because you'll get a better quality version.

        1. Like Jung Mann mentioned, they're pretty much at every wine shop...

          1. Does anyone know of wine shops/grocery stores that carry ICE COLD boxed wine? Most of the stores I've been to keep out on their shelves at room temperature.

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              i have never seen boxed wine sold cold. even wayyyy outside of nyc

            2. Pre-chilled Franzia sounds special. Might I suggest a game of slap the bag?

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                Aaron: Out of shear curiosity, why are you searching for chilled boxed wine?


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                  Dollars to Donuts this poster is buying it for Philharmonic in the Park tonight, thus is looking for a crazy cold box. FYI everyone and their brother has bottles of wine in the park tonight. You can just grab one of those giant jugs somewhere...a lot of shops have cold magnums.

                2. Astor Wines has the biggest selection I've seen downtown.

                  1. While I frequent Franzia (and Slap-The-Bag) in Philly... I recommend going to a Trader Joe's instead and picking up a bottle of 3-Buck-Chuck instead. Decent stuff for $3 a bottle.