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Oct 20, 2008 05:08 PM

Finding box wine in Manhattan


Anyone know where to buy boxed wine in Manhattan? My Googling is leaving me empty handed, and I simply haven't the time to wander the streets of New York in search of my grail of vino.

Also, if you have any favorite/despised boxes, feel free to give commentary!


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  1. I know they have some at Discovery wines which is down on 1st and avenue A I think.

    1. I have seen them at almost every neighborhood wine shop, normally on the bottom racks where you'd not notice them. I also remember Broadway Wines and Spirits advertising their boxed wine as "cheaper than water."

      1. I have purchased it at 2 locations on the UWS:
        67 Wine and Spirits
        Westside Wine and Spirits (they had a better version)

        But, like JungMann says - I have seen it at a lot of neighborhood places. I would purchase it only from a shop with a knowledgeable staff tho (like Westside) because you'll get a better quality version.

        1. Like Jung Mann mentioned, they're pretty much at every wine shop...

          1. Does anyone know of wine shops/grocery stores that carry ICE COLD boxed wine? Most of the stores I've been to keep out on their shelves at room temperature.

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              i have never seen boxed wine sold cold. even wayyyy outside of nyc