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Oct 20, 2008 03:50 PM


A business associate is taking me out to dinner tomorrow at BLT Steak. I'm not a huge steak lover but I love all types of seafood. I'm trying to keep it healthy here too, so can anyone suggest any of their seafood dishes or salads/veggies. Is the small filet worth it or the steak just so-so. Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. BLT overcooks the hell out of their steaks by bringing the meat out on cast iron plates. Either order really rare, or skip the red meat entirely. They have a great raw bar, and the sides are amazing. In fact everything there is fantastic, except the steak.

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      I've had their tuna tartare which was a solid asian version. They have a raw "platter" that is spectacular - over a $100 and 3 tiers of seafood on ice. I've also had the chopped salad which is nicely done. The main reason to go is the gratis (is it still free?) starter of popovers and chicken liver pate. True, not exactly healthy, but there's no resisting.