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Oct 20, 2008 02:42 PM

ISO Restaurant(s) Serving Matsutake Mushroom Dishes

My dad's coming into town for a visit, and one of his favorite foods in the entire world is matsutake mushrooms. Since it's seasonal and somewhat pricey, he hasn't had it for a while, and I'd like to take him to a restaurant that serves at least one good matsutake dish. Can anyone give me any suggestions?

I'm looking for a restaurant that serves matsutake dishes a la carte, and I'm looking for a matsutake dish where the mushroom and its flavor/scent is the focus of the dish, not just an accompaniment. While Urasawa's matsutake soup does sound amazing, I can't afford it right now.

I live in the Miracle Mile area but am willing to travel to Torrance, Little Tokyo, Sawtelle, etc.

Also, my dad will be in town on Nov. 1. Is this too late for matsutake?

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    1. I think Providence has matsutake right now, though obviously a little pricey.

      Mitsuwa or Marukai markets might have some you can buy and grill yourself.

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        They had it at the Marukai in Gardena last Fri.

      2. Craft offers a selection of different in-season roasted mushrooms. You may want to call to see if they'll have it.

        1. Place Yuu has matsutake dobin - excellent. Very traditional, fragrant and generous helpings of mushroom.

          Place Yuu
          2101 Sawtelle

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            My dad and I went to Place Yuu and got the matsutake dobin. It was excellent! The dobin reminded my dad of my grandmother's version, and there was a very generous helping of the mushroom.

            The only minor comment I have is that when we initially ordered two, the waitress said one serving would be more than enough for two people to share. So we were a bit surprised by the small, single serving teapot filled with the dobin and the two sake cups for us to use to share the soup. It tasted great, but I'm a little skeptical that this was more than enough for two people (Or maybe I'm just a pig) Next time i'll just order my own.

            1. re: coughka

              Yeah, I should have warned you... Each person should get their own dobin.

              Place Yuu is great. Matsutake mushroom season is ebbing now (sigh)....

          2. I had an amazing angel hair pasta with matsutake mushroom at Mako Beverly Hills. There was nothing in the pasta except the mushrooms... not even sauce. The mushrooms really flavored the pasta well.