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Oct 20, 2008 01:56 PM

Recommendations for 3 yr old Kids birthday

Now taking all good recommendations for throwing a birthdayparty : core clientage circa 3 year olds...time frame...late december

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  1. Do you mean you'd like some ideas about where to have the party? If so, what part of the bay area? If you want ideas for an at-home party -- food, etc. -- I think you should ask on a different board.

    1. Reserve a picnic area in Golden Gate park and throw an outdoor party and bbq. Otherwise, if weather is not permitting or does not go well with the season, you'll have to come up with something else. Is it just going to be family or do you need to include a bunch of other kids? I have a two and four year old so have been through this drill. Giorgio's Pizza on Clement does good job of hosting kids birthday parties during the daytimes - I've never been but seen the pictures.

        1. Chuck E Cheese
          Pump it Up
          Super Franks
          The jungle

          Those should include food in their party packages.

          Probably cold in late Dec., some sort of rec center/community center would work if you provide food and entertainment.

          1. Most YMCAs have party rooms and you can bring your own food. The play areas are good for small kids. Safe and fun.