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Oct 20, 2008 12:24 PM

Pozole in Los Angeles

I just watched a travel show on Guadalajara...the guy went to some famous family owned Pozole restaurant. Three versions! Beef, pork, chicken... This reminded me how much I love this soup. Its getting a little cooler out so now I must find some options in the Los Angeles area. I did a few searches on CH and found the following options that I will be trying:
Breed St
5 Points
La Cabinita in Glendale
El Indio Bonita in ELA

I have recently tried Guadalajara Inn in Pico Rivera...the actualy serve Pozole and Menudo every day...not just weekends. Good but not great.

Any other recommendations would be great... Or maybe a recipe (must be authentic)?

Feel free to throw in your top pick for Menudo too...personally my favorite is from Taco Ready (Covina and Baldwin Park). No "barnyard" smell like you get with so many other places that do not use quality ingredients. Fresh and fantastic. Great tortas, burritos, tacos, salsa bar...

Uggghhh. I shouldn't post anything while I am hungry.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Loteria in Hollywood has pozole that was pretty good. I don't know if the Farmer's Market one has it on their menu. Also Enrique's Mexican Restaurant in Long Beach on PCH has one. Both these places have it on the menu everyday.

    My favorite is in Santa Barbara at La Super Rica. They only have it on Sundays. Super Rica's has more flavor than the other two I mentioned.

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      The Posole at La Super Rica is the best that I have ever tasted, a good friend who lives nearby is disdainful of LSR but I keep trying to get him to try the Posole, it's so good! The salsa roja that comes with it is spectacular!

    2. El Abuelo in San Fernando on North Maclay has one of the best posoles I've ever had. The small bowl is enough to feed an army so if you have an appetite this is a go to place. Only one problem, because of their proximity to a school no alcohol (you mean no beer? Yup!). If that is not a drawback to you go you won't regret it.

      1. I have no other pozoles to recommend but from la michoacana on the east side of Breed St. near Cesar Chavez, under the blue umbrella.Get it white or red, and pick your pig parts.Get some pata(foot) for sure, and some cabeza if she has it.The red comes from a mild california chiles, not hot.Eat it there, while it's hot.This is the best.

        1. I plan to make Breed st this Fri night. LSR and Lobster rolls next time I am in SB. Thank you!

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          1. re: ilovethissite

            Just a quick update. I have had Pozole at Breed St five times since this post. Good stuff!
            I also had the Pozole at
            Mi India Bonita Cafe
            4731 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90022
            (323) 267-8505
            today... At this point I really don't need any other Pozole places. I am happy.

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              Do you get the white or red at Breed St.?It's also my favorite.

          2. The pozole at Milk (Sundays only) is really tasty. Plus they have good chocolate ice cream.

            Not at all where you might expect but if you are driving by...