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Oct 20, 2008 11:59 AM

Fresh Fish in Burlington, VT

Any recs for purchasing fresh fish to cook at home in area? Essex? Winooski?Burl/So Burl?

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  1. Not any options. I would suggest Price Chopper on Route 7 (So. Burlington) for a wide selection and reasonable prices and Ray's in Essex Jct. (just off Susie Wilson).

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    1. re: TonyO

      Could you say more about Ray's? What kinds of fish, is it just a fish store?
      Thanks in advance.

    2. It's there if you want to fish Lake Champlain. Or you can take a gander at the seafood counter at the Hannaford's in Shelburne on Rte. 7 South.

      1. I'll second the vote for P.C. on Rt. 7. Absolutely avoid City Market, they have the most unappealing fish counter in the area. (In the past I've even mail ordered sushi grade fish and other specialties.)

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        1. re: chilihead

          I went to Healthy Living and it was not a very good selection.
          Hannaford's on Dorset was a little better but still some pretty ratty looking stuff.
          Ray's in EJ wasn't much better.
          I'm not opposed to catching my own fish but I wasn't thinking of making spicy pike maki rolls.
          The only place that had ANY tuna was Ray's and it was that cryovac cold smoked(gassed) tuna. Actually they had tuna at city market but that didn't look to good either.

          1. re: Wursthof

            A couple other ideas:

            Natural Provisions in Williston has a limited selection but the freshness and quality are excellent (I would call ahead to see what they have). Also, if you have a favorite restaurant, ask them about their supplier.

            1. re: TonyO

              From past experience I know that Black River Produce out of Proctorsville VT comes down to Boston every early morning and delivers fresh fish, produce etc. to stores and restaurants all over VT. Give them a phone call.....

              We shopped their store for years when we were renting in Mt. Holly.

        2. For an area as large as Greater Burlington you'd think there would be a retail fish market. The supermarket and co-op selection is sub-par. Why has no one established a fish market? Driving down to Boston a few times a week to pick up fish to bring back to the area seems like a money making venture.

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          1. re: mjp81

            There was a fish market on Dorset Street for many years, but it went out of business a few years back. I went there a couple of times and found the prices astronomical, compared to the supermarkets. Ray's has seafood trucks in Addison County a couple of days a week.

            Like TonyO, I was going to suggest talking to area restaurants and see where they get their fish. :-)

            1. re: Addisonchef

              That was The Net Result on Dorset Street. Great store but yes, some prices were a bit high. This is a tough area for specialty stores as the population (and eating habits) are often not in line with such businesses.