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Oct 20, 2008 11:41 AM

I know crabs are great to eat right now, but until when?

I know September and October are great months for crab eating, as the crabs start getting fat for winter, but can you still eat local crabs in November? Basically, when is the end of crab season?

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  1. depends on where you call local. Blue Crabs are very temperture sensitive. In the Chesapeake the water starts getting too cold cold in late Oct through early Nov and the sooks (mature females) leave heading for the Atlantic. The big Jimmies (males) head for the deeper water to winter over up here in Va and MD and become difficult to catch since they are not moving around and feeding much. By thanksgiving they are hard to find even in VA. In the Carolina sounds, GA and on the Gulf coasts obviously it takes longer for the tempurature to drop, so you can find LA. crabs nearly year round, which are regularly flown in in the MD crabhouses. IMHO they are very good, but do start getting a bit light by Xmas. That's oyster season anyway.

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      alright, so basically what youre saying is get all my crab eating in right now.?

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        do you need an excuse?

        interesting info JR.

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          Hill Food hit it on the nail.

          As I said Gulf & LA crabs can be found almost year round although the quality falls off mid-winter. (But then again light crabs are easier to pick for the "come-heres"). Go get'em now! You can always feast on oysters after T-giving. Turkey without oyster stew and oyster stuffing wouldn't be Thanksgiving in my family.