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Oct 20, 2008 11:40 AM

Can Arancini be frozen?

I want to make as much food ahead of time as possible for my cocktail party and wondering if you would advise on freezing arancini?

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  1. I've frozen leftover arancini before and they fried up fine. Really no difference.
    I think they went from the freezer directly into the oil. Sounds a little scary but it worked. They were frozen in their finished state, btw. Already egg washed and breaded.

    ETA: I meant frozen before they were fried. Form, roll, etc and then freeze. Fry once, when you want to serve them. Not sure if that was clear.

    1. I love arancini and make them well but have never found a way to make them ahead of time. You can certainly form the, egg and breadcumb them ahead of time, but I think they still need to be served right after frying to keep them from getting soggy. If anyone has experience reheating them so that they stay crisp, I would be interested in hearing.

      1. I have done this too. Make and bread. Freeze on a cookie sheet raw, then bag. If they are the larger, original orange sized ones, then you should defrost in fridge before frying or inside will be cold while outside overly browned. For minis, I bet you could fry from frozen easier.

        1. Thank you. i had not thought of making them up - to ready to fry stage - then freeze. Even that saves a lot of time.