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Oct 20, 2008 11:39 AM

What to do w/ my roasted peppers and eggplant?

With a teen, a baby and a job, I can barely remember where I left my shoes, much less figure out new and interesting things with my beautiful CSA veggies. I threw two eggplants and about 5 red peppers in the oven and roasted them, figuring I'd come up with a tasty dish for them later.

So help me out, folks! What can I make w/ my roasted veggies? I'm not interested in spread and dips, b/c i feel like I need to make my kitchen time count towards substantive meals. So main dishes would be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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  1. Right off the top I was wondering if you sliced/diced etc. the vegetables before roasting them. Did you use EVOO and salt & pepper? My second thought was to throw them - or some of them - into a simple tomato sauce:
    EVOO, minced garlic, canned tomatoes, basil/oregano , salt & pepper

    Cook some Spaghetti or Linguine and use some of the sauce for that, make a cut pasta like Penne and bake in the oven with some sauce and cheese....Once you have the basic sauce you can use it in many incarnations.

    I'm sure others will have more and varied ideas.....

    1. If they are sliced, I would make sandwiches...crusty bread, some soft goat cheese and roasted veggies are one of my favorite sandwich combos.
      If they are more of a dice or chop, I would toss them with pasta, a bit of olive oil, pepper and (again) some goat cheese.

      1. I would tos them with orzo, olive oil, basil and feta and lemon juice for a wonderful dish that will be gret at room temp.

        1. My first thought was pasta...Toss in a jar of tomato sauce, some kalamata olives, capers and feta for a great mediterranian dish...Sandwiches would also be great, esp. if you have a panini press...Soft roll, goat cheese, tomatos, peppers and eggplant, great veggie sandwich. My last suggestion is buying ready made pizza dough (Trader Joe's makes it) or a Bobali, if you really ant to be quick...and do a make your own pizza night. Add tomato sauce, black olives, onions and mozzerella for a great veggie pizza, or throw some spicy sausage on it if you need the meat. Actually (and this really IS the last suggestion!) mix up some ground beef/pork, stuff some red peppers with cheese, meat, peppers and eggplant, and bake untill soft for some stuffed peppers.

          1. do a twist on Babaganoush (sp?)