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Oct 20, 2008 11:20 AM

private party dinner in Annapolis suggestions

We are looking for a space to have a rehersal dinner in Annapolis for about 50 people. Does any one have any suggestions or good experiences with restaurants in downtown Annapolis? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Your haven't given us much to go on, but I assume that you're looking at upscale places, on or close to the harbor. 50 people is a large group for most of the local restaurants to handle and most do not have really private rooms, plus private rooms with a view are very rare. The obvious choice would be the Waterfront Mariott, they can handle nearly any size group and the food and service will be decent, but not "star quality". The views availble are probably the best you will find in Annapolis.

    If a "colonial" experience in walking distance is desirable, try Middletons Tavern on the dock. The upstairs is usually available depending on day of the week and month. The building is really neat-- a 1700's tavern. The upstairs space has a bar and should handle 50 with ease. Again the food is not star quality and the room not overly elegant, but you probably will enjoy.

    Another upstairs kinda place is Harry Brownes on the State Circle. They also have a room with its own bar upstairs that would work. Probably you will find this the best food of all my recs. No water view, but the beautiful 1700's MD Capitol building is across the street (windows of the upstairs room look right at it). (might be my top choice)

    BTW, most chowhounds would not suggest Phillip's (or Buddy's).

    I would google Annapolis hotel's and contact them. Lowes and O'Calloughans are nearby, but not on the water per se. Thake special note of the Historic Inn's of Annapolis too. They have some venues that you might consider.

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      Thanks so much! We are considering Harry Browne's, Caroll's Creek, Carpaccio, and Kyma so far. I haven't been to Carpaciio or Kyma, so I'm a little hesitant. I think some of the more traditional Annapolis places like Middleton's and Federal House aren't really what we are looking for, rather we'd be happy to forgo water views for better food. That is good to hear that Harry Browne's is a top choice! Thanks!

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        I went to Carpaccio a few weeks ago with a large group (about 18 of us), and everything was fantastic. I don't know for certain if they have a private room, though.

        Kyma was good when I went as well - their upstairs area may have enough room for you and your guests.