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Oct 20, 2008 10:57 AM

Food Mill for applesauce

Call me crazy, but we went apple picking this weekend here in Pennsylvania with my daughter's family & my son's -- 185 lbs of apples, which will be shared between 4 families. I want to make applesauce to freeze, but do not currently have a food mill. Any recommendations? Is it worth it to get a more expensive model? Ease of use is important & I have never been one to scrimp when purchasing good tools, but I am not sure what other uses I would have for it since I am not into home canning/preserving.

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  1. I used mine this weekend for applesauce, for the first time, and honestly- I'm not sure it saves that much effort. Maybe it's my brand of foodmill but it took a lot of effort to get it all milled down, and I think I'd rather have just spent the time peeling and coring the apples.

    1. I bought an Oxo food mill yesterday and made applesauce last night. I felt that it was quite a big time saver. (previously I'd been mashing apples through a wire mesh strainer) It was easy to use, easy to assemble, and dishwasher safe. So far, so good. At $49.00, I'm happy.

      I was tempted by the Rosle food mill ($120) and it felt LOVELY in my hands when I demo'd it. It was smooth, and, well, elegant. It also was larger and could process a greater volume. I just wasn't in the mood to spend that much more on an item that isn't going to get that much use in my kitchen.

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        Wow. Were you with me at W & S when I was doing EXACTLY the same thing & using EXACTLY the same thought process? I have never been one to scrimp on kitchen tools, but just couln't justify the more than double price for the Rosle, beautiful as it was. I guess if I saw a lot of canning in my future, it might be a different story. I will use the Oxo tonight for the first batch.

      2. I use an old Foley mill that was my grandmothers - 3 generations of applesauce making and it still works like a charm! They are frequently available in thrift stores and on ebay, the company is still producing them, with a different design. Reasonably priced.

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          I did a search and quite a few websites have them, including Amazon!