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Oct 20, 2008 10:53 AM

Thanksgiving in Aspen...

Hello everyone!

My girlfriend and I will be in Aspen for the 26&27th of November and would like some recs on the dining scene. Not sure the overall size of Aspen but we are staying at the St. Regis and will have a car for transportation. Its the first time to Aspen for the two of us so something memorable would be nice but cool local spots are also good. We'll be skiing most of both days so not sure we'll feel like living up to the glitz and glam that is offered there but nice to have ideas, thanks for the help!

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  1. My wife and I just returned from Aspen. I highly recommend Montagne in The Little Nell, Elevation, Lulu Wison, and Gusto. Matsuhisa is also great if you like sushi and are a fan of Nobu.

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      Thank you, we both love sushi so that will definetly be a spot to check out. Were there any local attractions that you found that are must-do's?

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        Sorry, I have to seriously disagree with you about Montagne. I found it to be overpriced and overrated. The wine list was especially obscene and geared towards those who make their wine selection based soley on the price. Van Duzer Pinot Noir for $125? Gimme a break!

      2. The Hotel Jerome does a T-giving spectacle, but it might already be totally booked.

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          thanks claire but the basis of our trip is to 'ignore' the holliday and get away, any other suggestions?

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            I highly recommend the J Bar in the Hotel Jerome for lunch. I've always been pleasantly surprised by their lunch offerings. Definitely check it out. There are a couple of other sushi options in town, I think Matshuhisa is a bit overrated. I'm heading to town this weekend, I'll be sure and post some updates for you!

            1. re: eatplaylove

              excellent that is much appreciated! thank you for the updates and everyone else as well. this is our first time to aspen for the both of us so these suggestions are very much appreciated!

        2. Have a great time, and pray for snow! This article should point you in the right direction -