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Oct 20, 2008 10:40 AM

Kerner and Dry Riesling Sekt

Just wanted to share about the two lovely wines I had this weekend:

2006 Canita Valle Isarco "Aristos" Kerner: $22 (K&L)
My notes from the September tasting I attended still hold true:
Fruity nose, light start, dynamic finish, minerally (or was it acidic? Please forgive the newbie)
at the very end. It smells like it's going to be sweet, but its not and was a perfect choice
with Thai food.

2006 Kalinda Riesling Sekt Dry: $18 (K&L) Made for K&L by Fitz-Ritter in Pfalz
I'd never had a sparkling Riesling before and this was very nice.
Bubbly and crisp with a great Riesling finish, I defintely will be having this in
my Holiday lineup. It's also lighter at 11 1/2 % alcohol, which was a good thing
to have after the Kerner. (I'm a lightweight) Really good with chocolate cake.

Do y'all have any other recommendations about these varietals, epecially in the under $25
price range? I having a great time learning about all the wonderful options in the world of wine and look forward to your imput.

Angela T Carlson

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  1. The Abbazia di Novacella also makes a good and widely available (in NY at least) Kerner for just under $25.