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Oct 20, 2008 10:35 AM

Romantic LES weekend for someone who used to live there

I moved out to the 'burbs a few years ago, and we're spending the weekend housesitting for a friend around Ave B/3rd. I used to live on Rivington (east), and my favorite haunts back then were the likes of Salt Bar, 1492, and various other cosy, easy places. My husband and I are looking forward to reliving our dating days, and are looking for the newer places, again, just to hang out and nibble nice things while getting lazily sloshed on wine. LES and East Village primarily. We're not looking for a grand dining experience (nor to jostle elbows in a mob scene), just to pretend that we live there again.

As we're here for the whole weekend, we'll be venturing further too, thinking about Chelsea Market (he's never been). Any suggestions very welcome.

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  1. For a romantic dining experience I'd recommend Cannonau on 4th between Ave A and B and Apizz on Eldridge St on the LES. Apizz is a bit more pricey and upscale but both are cozy, dimly-lit and romantic.

    I think Chelsea Market is a bit overrated. There isn't much there on a given day, especially on a weekday.