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Oct 20, 2008 10:24 AM

Oyster Cabin?

Does anyone know if/when the old Oyster Cabin in Uxbridge, Mass., will reopen? Who owns it & what will it be? An "opening soon" banner has been flying there for many months, but still no activity.

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  1. Can't be long now, they have a new sign out front Ironstone Cafe or something like that. Might be someting pretty good to check out

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    1. re: brianthevettech

      I just drove by, new sign but no sign of life. The sign does say Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. The property looks nice. New paint and landscaping. I'm looking forward to the opening.

    2. Any new information? We go by on occasion, but still no opening.

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      1. re: breakfastfan

        I went by today, there were 5 trucks there apparently doing work inside. I'll keep driving by every other day or so.

        1. re: elgato

          there was alot more damage inside then expected, years of cover over. the appearance of the exterior not not show how neglected the inside had been. All was and has been repaired right down to the rotted floor joices. I've seen the interior the original dining room was all repaired and kept with the original look along with the bar. Fireplaces are still there to give that cozy and quaint ambience. The lower banquet and dining room has been totally revamped with a new look. thos was the room with the most water damage. the leakage in the building was so bad that the previous owners had 5 gallon buckets in the attic avery 5 feet or so collecting water. it was amazing how they ever stayed open. A all new equipped kitchen has been put in. along with a new well, and septic to accomadate the new place. this is what has taken so long to to open. piece by piece every effort was made to restore, replace and redo a building that has been totally neglected over the years. the new owners hope to be here long term. They are now waiting for final determination by the town for an over head 24' hood that is in the kitchen. this is holding up the opening. everything else is in place including the tables are set tablecloths and all. awaiting final approvals.

          1. re: msbee

            The inside lights were on last night as I drove by. Does anyone know if it's opening soon? BTW, someone asked me if IronStone's was a biker bar because of the capitalized "I" and "S". A version of "Iron Stones" I hadn't considered!

            1. re: oystertripe

              It should be opening soon. It's gonna be more of a family restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Keep an eye in the local papers!