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Oct 20, 2008 10:06 AM

peking duck in calgary

Does anyone have a favorite spot in calgary for peking duck. Looking to take out for a party.

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  1. This may sound kind of odd... but Ginger Beef in Sunridge Mall makes really good peking duck. If you dine in, they even slice it in front of you.

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    1. re: Strider

      I second this. Ginger Beef is where my friends recommended when I first came to Calgary. Really good stuff!

    2. Peking Garden off Shaganappi in NW.

      1. I went to go and reply - and both of my obscure answers have been quoted already. I second both Ginger Beef at Sunridge which does have excellent PKD, and Peking Garden up by Market Mall (Valiant Dr and Shaganappi i believe).

        I've had PKD at the Regency Palace, Harbour City as well (3 courses), and it was decent. Not as good as the other two though. Geographically, much more convenient.

        1. Would agree with the recommendation for Peking Garden. Think it's Varsity Drive and Shaganappi.

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          1. re: bdachow

            Not surprisingly, we're both right. The shopping centre it is in is framed by both Varsity and Valiant. I just always think of it from the direction I come from! :)

          2. Gee Gong! It's a slightly dingy hole-in-the-wall, not suitable for a formal eat-in party but perfect for take-out. I think they even have a Peking duck special--not sure if it's all the time or just one day of the week.

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            1. re: aktivistin

              I second Gee Gong! I actually just had it the other night. Though... it's good for like 2-3 people. It cost $23.95 for Peking Duck, Soup, and Fried Rice. I'm sure they have a price for larger groups, but because it is sort of like a hole in the wall- you may just want to stick with Ginger Beef at Sunridge Mall. But I must admit that Gee Gong is very clean. So if you want to go out for PKD with your SO, then go to Gee Gong. Big group hit Ginger Beef at Sunridge Mall. :)