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Oct 20, 2008 10:01 AM

Best Cookie delivery place in LA?

Want to send hubby a little pick me up at work. what's your favorite LA bakery that delivers?

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    1. re: hdalsy

      agree. send cookies and milk. lovely care package :)

    2. I would try Mrs. Beasleys.

      1. It's probably too far for you, but I've ordered from this Del's Cookies (Irvine) in the past, and the cookies are fabulous! I was lucky enough to be invited into the kitchen one time for a glimpse of the magic behind the scenes. High quality ingredients used by a baker who clearly loves to bake.

        1. I would vote for Snookie's Cookies in Burbank. Mrs. Beasley's is good but never great; whereas Deluscious is good but their cookies are flat and I like myself a nice puffy cookie with a crispy outside but a soft, moist inside. Snookie's is where it's at. Plus if you actually GO THERE and pick up your cookies, they'll give you cookies to eat while you wait. (Try to come up with some excuse for why you need various things done to your order, to make your stay as long as possible.) I actually just ordered some today to be shipped to a friend out of town. Didn't have time to actually go there though...

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          1. I highly suggest Isabella's Cookies. I have used them several times and tried them myself. They have yummy varieties ( I love the peanut butter bomb!) and they come packaged very nicely as well.