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Oct 20, 2008 09:50 AM

TasteDelite comes to San Antonio

Saw in Wendsday's food section of the San Antonio Express News that some outfit named TasteDelite or TasteeDelite was coming to town. Din't give a whole lot of info, so i take it they have frozen custard or frozen yogert. Does anyone have one in your area, and if so,what exactly do they serve?

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  1. I've heard they have around 100 flavors and are only in New York, though I seem to recall reading they plan to expand. Lucky you to be getting one nearby; I hope I don't have to wait until I visit NYC again to try this place.

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      They serve low calorie "frozen dessert." They have franchises all over NYC. The stuff (for lack of a better word because it tastes nothing like frozen yogurt or ice cream) is like soft serve but it has a weird chemical-y flavor. When it first opened, they advertised that it was very low calorie. A few years ago a chart came out that listed the flavors and the calorie counts. Most of the flavors are vanilla based or chocolate based, so that's basically what they taste like. Flavors like peanut butter or oreo actually have that ingredient added to the mix- so they have a lot more calories than the original flavors.

      They also have a lot of toppings- but no fresh fruit. Usually a store will have 4 flavors of the week and all the toppings. They serve sprinkles, crushed up candy bars, and stuff like that.
      Honestly, I used to eat it every day for lunch in high school, even though it gave me stomachaches. Maybe it was all those chemicals. I prefer frogurt or pinkberry- less fake taste and less chemicals.