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Oct 20, 2008 09:45 AM

La Laiterie or Red Stripe or ????

I'm going to be in Providence this weekend with my brother Lurker W. Our eating itinerary is pretty full but we need a good place for Friday night. I'd pencil in La Laiterie but some of the recent reports have been less enthusiastic than earlier reports. Should we still give it a try?

If not, is Red Stripe a good alternative? We are big mussels fans.

Finally, where is a good East Side bagel source now that Barney's is gone?

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  1. I'd say it's a toss-up. I generally find LL to be a slightly higher quality, but I prefer Red Stripe's more vibrant atmosphere to LL's intimacy. Check the menus and see which you prefer more...

    For East Side bagels, the pickings are pretty slim. Pick up some out of town bagels at Davis on Hope Street near Rochambeau or go to one of the two Bagel Gourmet storefronts.

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      put your name on reservation list at la laiterie,give them your cell#,go around the corner to red stripe.sit at the bar,order the mussels and frites,maybe a beer or 3,eat and drink,about the time your done,the cells gonna ring,head over to la laiterie and share a few of their classics like the mac& cheese,burger,what ever,its all great.....

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        What a great idea. I am going to do exactly that. Two great places on the same night. Thanks!

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            I thought about hitting both! This is a great plan. GMTA! Since I am going with Lurker W we can share several things and still have room for a late-night weiner run to Smith St.

            It's so nice to see Wayland Square doing so well. The W family goes way back w/r/t this area. My parents lived for several years on East Manning St. My late father was a regular at Ruffuls for decades, probably from the day it opened in 1957. Mike Ruffel attended my father's funeral -- as did Mary Adolfo from Skipper's on Hope St. (I think my father's chowhound credentials were in order; he was a two-breakfast guy LOL). We even got to use the legendary Ruffuls bathroom.

            Is the Wayland Bakery still around? Great blueberry turnovers back in the day.

            1. re: Bob W

              Wayland Bakery, yes...Not sure if it is the same owners or location that you remember, but there is a Wayland Bakery on Wayland Ave. Ruffuls is there, too.
              A perfect classic. It is a wonderful neighborhood with just about everything you could ever want.

        1. This is really apples and oranges! Laiterie is small intimate and a labor of love with fantastic ingredients and creativity. Red Stripe while Bisto like is more mainstream but still very good and for the most part made on premise.

          1. The Red Stripe is going way down hill, the service has always been poor, and the food has been equally poor since the summer. Laiterie is consistant and pleasurable.

            1. La Laiterie is simply amazing. It has remained consistent for the past year or so. Red Stripe is not in the same league.

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                Went to Red Stripe last week with my cousin (he had never eaten there before, and we were in Wayland Sq). We both had the 'angus cheeseburgers' both asked for medium-well. His was medium, mine was med-rare (red inside) and the waitress was nowhere to be found. We were starving, so we ate - though I only ate half of mine (he finished his).

                When the waitress finally came to see if we wanted dessert (never came to check on our meals, or if we needed anything, or to refill our drinks) I told her I couldn't finish the burger because it wasn't cooked the way I ordered it. She giggled and said "Sorry". We giggled in return when we left the small tip.

              2. I used to live right next to red stripe and I found the brunch to be worth while, but beyond that it's just OK. La Laiterie is always a special meal for me. I order a bunch of small plates so i can try a lot of different things and am never disappointed, I try to go once a season to try the different menu items. Also have had bad experiences with RS waitstaff (cocky attitudes) but at LL the waitstaff are always great.

                For Bagels, if you are looking for a bagel gourmet alternative, i'd suggest driving to Krazy Korner on route 6 in Seekonk. They are good.

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                  LA Laiterie I have not been Red Stripe/Mills Tavern if it wasnt for the New owners they would be gone i have heard that the crap they serve in Narra is even worse. stay tuned lots of places going under