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Oct 20, 2008 09:41 AM

Weekend Seafood Rule

I was just reading the boards today and was wondering if there is any rule for hounders to avoid seafood, especially raw bars on the weekends because it isn't as fresh. Personally I don't eat raw stuff on weekends, but if I have to I'll eat it on Saturday, but then at best it's already a day old. I don't want to rail on people who eat it on Sundays and Mondays. I was just wondering if there are any thoughts or general opinions about freshness or concerns since reviews are written on the weekends. 0.0

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  1. There are exceptions due to regional accessibility local fish and local laws and codes concerning the sale of fish to wholesalers and the docks for example, but anyone who believes deep water fish and other sea foods are caught and brought to the market, then to the kitchen and tables in a day or less is very gullible.

    Commercial Fishing and Life doesn't act that fast.

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      At one time, around here at least, seafood deliveries happened once a week on Thursdays. I'd think fish was at its best on weekends.

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        That could explain why the Fish Lady at our local farmer's market has the freshest fish in town. It's on Thursdays, and she always says her fish was caught that morning - and it really is that fresh!

    2. A chef once told me, If the fish is offered grilled or raw, it's fresh, if it's offered as a caserole or baked in a sauce it's getting to be 2-3 days old, if it's in a chowder or soup, 4-5 days.

      1. Coincidental that I read your post. We went to the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Terminal on Sunday and found it closed. The bartender at the Campbell Apartment explained that they're the only restaurant in the terminal that can close on Sunday because of the lack of fresh fish on Sunday. He suggested that we dine near the seaport if we wanted oysters.

        Something I will definitely consider from now on. No more weekend sushi, I guess.

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          Why not choose sushi that does not depend on this 'sunday' rule? Isn't there some rule in the US that all fish that is eaten raw has to be frozen first? How fresh do you think the sea urchin is? the eel? Fish roe? How about tamago and other non-seafood sushi items?