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Oct 20, 2008 09:32 AM

F/Q Dinner for ~16

Hi All - I've been reading through a number of posts and would appreciate comments. I'm looking for some place in the Quarter for a group of ~16 on a Tuesday evening.

The criteria from the sponsor: "Doesn’t need to be ritzy - but good food, good value and fun is always a plus. "

Based on the input from other recent posts, I was thinking:

Redfish Grill

Bourbon House

Ralph and Kacoo's

Other thoughts? Any obvious place I missed. We did the Pelican Club previously and it was just OK.


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    1. re: edible complex

      I have been to both the Red Fish Grill and Ralph and Kacoo’s and now when I want to eat in the Quarter I pick Red Fish Grill. For starters try the bbq oysters and or the Creamy Cajun Red Bean Dip both great for entrees go with Blackened Redfish & BBQ Oysters and for dessert get the Uncle Eric’s Mississippi Banana Cream Pie. I would call and make a reservation they do get busy

      1. re: edible complex

        I agree on this one. Back in the days, the R&K's in Metairie was pretty good. Over the ensuing years, we've found outselves at the FQ location and always wonder why. Usually, it's because someone in the group remembers the Metaire location in its heyday. The FQ location even smells "funky."

        I'd give it a wide pass.


      2. Palace Cafe might work.