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Oct 20, 2008 09:32 AM

Pupusa Trucks in LA?

While driving in Van Nuys I seen what looked like a Taco Truck but had a neon sign that said Pupusas. The truck was driving and I was in a hurry so I couldnt follow it. Anyone know where
to find Pupusa trucks in LA?

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  1. not la - but the truck at topaga/pch (in the morning and it heads up or down pch during the day) seems to specialize in pupusas. everyone orders them there. i don't eat them - so can't say how they are, but the tacos are pretty tasty and HUGE and $1.25.

    1. i haven't eaten there but there's a pupusa truck on 8th st. between hoover and alvarado. i don't know the exact cross street, but it's easy to spot - south side of the street, strip mall parking lot. however, finding a pupusa, truck or not, should be easy in that area, so there you go.